socksJuly 19, 2013

How often and what should heucheras be fed? I was putting a high-bloom fertilizer on some plants and wondered if I should feed the heucheras as well with it. Or would they be better with a balanced fertilizer? Four have been in the ground about 2 months, another for over a year.

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High-bloom fertilizers, such as miracle grow, are high in nitrogen (the 1st number in the series of 3). Fertilizers high in nitrogen can cause rot and eventually kill heuchera, so I wouldn't put any on your heuchs.

Applying a balanced, slow-release fertilizer (such as 10-10-10) once in the spring should do the trick. You could also use a low-nitrogen fertilizer. Once a year seems to be plenty for good growth and lots of blooms.

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I have a 5-6-3 organic and a 0-10-10 organic. Maybe I should just forget it for now.

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Sounds like either of those will work. I'd wait for spring to fertilize them, though.

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