Hucheras-my new love!

greems(5b)July 31, 2013

I purchased my first Huchera about three years ago and it is now HUGE! Do not know the name of it though.
I discovered an online business in Peterborough, Ontario, about an hour and a half from where I live.
Naturally, after I looked at her web site I simply had to go there. Thought I had died and gone to heaven! So many different types! It was difficult to choose from them all.
I ended up buying five:
Sugar Berry
Buttered Rum
Berry Smoothie
Sweet Tart
So far they all seem to be thriving despite the very hot and humid spell of weather we just went through.
There are so many more I would like to have!
Her web site is gardenplus,ca

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Welcome to the world of heuchera! Beware-they can be addicting! The only one I grow on that list of yours is 'Berry Smoothie', which I posted a picture of. I know that one happens to flourish in humidity, which is probably why yours is thriving. 'Zipper' looks interesting and 'Buttered Rum' looks too enough to eat. I noticed that 'Sweet Tart' is described as a mini. I don't have that one, but I have other small ones like 'Blondie' and 'Gotham' that I really like. They're easy to squeeze in when you just "have to have" a new plant but have run out of room for planting. Lol.

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The Sweet Tart is very pretty. Green with lovely red flowers. Almost look Christmasy!
I have plenty of space. Just need to convince the other half that we REALLY need more.
My other love is Clematis and I have five of those but think I have lost my Nelly Moser this year.

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Greems-I love clematis as well, although I don't have nearly enough of them. Sorry about your loss on the 'Nelly Moser'! I was thinking about buying that one this fall. It's lovely.

Actually, clematis and heuchs would make a great combo. You can use the heuch to shade the feet of the clematis while the clematis growth up top will provide the heuch some relief from direct sun. A match made in heaven if you ask me!

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I had to google 'Sweet Tart' is it ever beautiful! Yet another for me to keep my eye out for (never have found Geisha's Fan). After last summers heat came last winters multiple freeze/thaws I lost many Clematis here in Wis., I am not replacing the less hardy varieties, but have learned how to propagate the survivors.

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Sadly I don't even have a piece I can start a new one from but I will be on the lookout for a new one.
My sister in Nova Scotia has had one for years that grows over an arbor and it is simply a thing of beauty!

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I was looking at the Garden Plus site again and realized that my Buttered Rum is actually a Hucherella. I didn't realize there was a trailing variety until I was reading some of the earlier posts on this forum.
Would I be better off planting it in a container and if so would I need to protect it somehow in winter?

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I'm not sure how "trailing" some of those heucherellas truly are. I've heard some people complaining that they don't cascade in a pot very well. That one appears to be a more compact variety with a good mounding habit. It should be fine to grow in your regular garden bed.

If you choose to pot it up, the best bet is to bring it into an unheated garage over the winter and water it VERY sparingly-just enough to keep the soil a tiny bit moist. If you have to keep it outside, you should tip the pot over on its side.

The biggest problem with overwintering plants in pots is rot.

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You are a font of information! I am at age 72, fairly new at gardening so all of your info is greatly appreciated. I think I shall just eave my Buttered Rum right where it is.
When It was first planted it was a bronzy colour but with the recent rains and blessedly cooler and less humid conditions, it is now getting very red. Amazingly beautiful!

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Glad to help, Greems. I just thought of another thing about heuchera that most people don't know, although you might. They really need to be re-propagated about every 4 years or the plant will become woody and sparse looking. A lot of people think they've lost their plants when they see the decline and decide to give up on heuchs.

I think gardening is the best hobby in the world. For me, digging in the dirt is relaxing. I also like the fact that there is something new to learn all of the time. It's a creative outlet and I get a lot of satisfaction out of putting plants together that look good. Out of curiosity, what made you decide to take up gardening after all of this time?

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Basically retirement and finally having a really nice yard to work with. We have lived in many house over our 50 years of being married but never really had time to think about gardening with raising four children and having a job outside the home. Also never had much moolah while raising kids and as I have discovered, it isn't a cheap hobby!
When we bought this house six years ago there were three fair sized beds and one smaller one but all that was in them were hostas and ferns. Over the six years we have got rid of most of the hosta and all of the ferns and started putting in some perennials and a few shrubs. My first purchase was a Jackmani clematis which was six years ago last month and even though I cut it way back in the spring, this year it was up over the roof! I also have a General Sikorski and a double white between them and they are lovely when in bloom.
As much as I love having a garden and picking out all the plants, I have this great hubby who does all the planting and weeding etc. It really bother my old knees and back getting down and getting dirty as the saying goes. He jokingly calls himself my little peon! Also does housework. Wouldn't trade him for 10 others.
I would send pics but have never figured out how to go about that. Tried it but had no luck. I am not exactly a computer whiz I'm afraid.

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Well, I'm glad that you've finally found the time and space to garden. You're right, though, it can be really expensive! I have to keep myself in check all of the time. Everything seems like a "must-have" at the time, but I can't buy everything!

Your husband sounds like a real keeper! I'd love to have someone do all of the weeding, digging and planting for me. As it is, I do everything because my husband hates to garden. I don't really mind, though. As I said before, it's relaxing to me.

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