large potted rosemary

greyandamyMarch 8, 2011

I've somehow without trying too hard overwintered a larger rosemary in a pot. I did everything wrong, but it survived. I'm wondering if there will be a need to fertilize it at some time? I'm not sure they are herbs that like poor soil or would benefit from some fertilizer. It's looking fine...It didn't bloom at all (were they supposed to in winter?) but it's a large rosemary in a pot..

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leira(6 MA)

In the Spring, I re-pot my rosemary. Historically, I've moved it up to a bigger pot, but I might not want it to get any bigger at this point, so this year I might root-prune it (and prune a similar amount from the top) and put it back into the same pot.

I do usually give a bit of fertilizer at re-potting time. I've got some stuff that's designed to be an organic "herb fertilizer," which I take to mean it offers some good nutrients, but not heavy fertilization. It seems to work well enough.

I think any plant that lives its entire life in a pot is going to need a bit of fertilizer now and again, because unlike plants in the ground, they have no ability to get nutrients other than what you give them. Just don't over-do it in the case of herbs.

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