Whoo Hoo, my cotton made actual cotton -- outside.

denninmi(8a)September 22, 2010

This is a first. I've grown it before in pots IN the greenhouse over the summer, and gotten cotton to form late in the season, late October/early November.

I planted quite a few plants of cotton in big barrel planters along the south wall of the greenhouse this year. Traditional white, as well as a couple of colored heirlooms.

They are opening cotton fluffballs right now. With mature looking seeds to save.

Cool. Or, hot, actually, I guess I can thank the "warmest spring/summer period on record for SE Michigan" per the local NWS forecast office Detroit/Pontiac/White Lake, Michigan.

Of course, I don't actually DO anything with it, except sometimes cut some of the stalks and stuff it into a dried arrangement for a while until it gets dusty and ugly. But, it's fun to grow.

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I loved it when I got that to happen...but then I lost the seed. The flowers were also very fragrant!

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Musings Blog

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