heucheras for lots of shade

rouge21_gw(5)July 3, 2013

More and more I see heucheras and heucherellas showing part sun and even sun on their tags. I am considering planting a border of 'striking' heuchs which will experience a lots of shade..very little direct sun. So it is a true SHADE location.

Can you give me some varieties that could form an impressive border in a shade aspect. I think I would like to alternate 2 different types.

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The ones that thrive the best in lots of shade are the lime green varieties. The purple ones are the ones that can take the most sun and everything else falls in between the two. That's not to say that some of the purple ones won't be equally happy in shade and sun. There are a few varieties that seem to need sun to thrive and/or have been bred for hot, humid Southern climates. Those are the ones that most likely won't work for your situation.

Here are some nice ones that I would recommend for you as someone with mostly shade:

Lime Marmalade
Pinot Gris
Amber Waves
Berry Smoothie
Purple Petticoats
Plum Pudding
Creme Brûlée
Frosted Violet
Palace Purple

There are also a few more lime green ones that I don't have experience with, but look like they could be good ones. You might check out:

Lime Rickey
Pear Crisp
Lime Ruffles

I'm still new to heuchera, but these were recommended to me from my local nursery as being ones that were good growers. I've also seen all of the above in person and find them to be attractive plants.

I'm sure others here will have additional suggestions, but those should get you started. Have fun!

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Thanks very much "ff". I appreciate the time you took to post your response.

("Havana" is appealing because of its showy flowers)

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Heucherella Solar Power is doing well for me in bright shade. It's actually a little more yellowy-green than the pic shows.

Alternating with something like Amber Waves, which is on flower_frenzy's list, might look nice.


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Deb, I like that one. I don't have any heucherellas. Are they fussier than heucheras?

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This particular heucherella (Solar Power) has been really easy. Planted it and it grew! yay! I tried Yellowstone Falls last year and it didn't make it the summer.

I have had a difficult time with the newer (more colorful) heucheras like Autumn Leaves and Cajun Fire. They are alive but not taking off like I'd hoped...Palace Purple and Brownies are doing OK. I guess they are the more tried and true varieties.

I just am not getting either one (heucherella or heuchera) completely figured out yet, but I'm not giving up...I love the colorful leaves and feel like they are worth the effort.

I'm glad to see the forum's newer posts lately. It's been kind of quiet around here.

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Thanks for the input everyone. I picked up a couple of "Havana" just yesterday and they are now in the ground.

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That looks like a good one, rouge. I hope you enjoy it! Beware...heuchera can be addictive! I started with one and jumped to 25!!!

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aquadragonfly(7b NC)

Thank you for asking this, because NOW I know why I had two to die after I moved them, they were in a spot where they got mostly sun and I moved them to a more shady spot.
They started dying almost instantly. I thought I had done something to them when I transplanted (I mean like hurt the roots or plant) I didn't know it was lack of sun.
One was Palace Purple the other was Pewter Veil.

I just purchased a Caramel a few weeks ago, it has been in the sun since I got it also it was in full sun at the Nursery although we have had a lot of rain lately here, I am wondering about the shade aspect of it. It seems to be happy in full sun so I am curious now.
I hope someone who grows it will see this before I plant it and kill it.

Again, I am glad you posted this rouge21 :)

:) Aqua

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I grow "Caramel" in an area that gets sun until about noon and then shade for the rest of the day. It's as happy as clam. It's listed as one that will grow in full shade to full sun.

You being in the south, I would think it might appreciate some afternoon shade.

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The best 2 that I have in the shade right now are Dolce Key Lime Pie and Paris. They both have pink blooms and Paris blooms for a really long time.
From what I have read, the heucherellas do better in shade. I have Redstone Falls and Yellowstone Falls in pots in deep shade. They are growing really well.
Caramel seems to do great in the shade or part sun, but I think the coloring is better with a little sun.
Pinot Gris has always been in sun until after lunch here. I started with 1 average plant 3yrs ago and now have 4 plants that are even larger. Will need to split those this fall. It's a really fast grower and would make a nice border.

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Heucherella 'Sweet Tea' , 'Kimono', 'Brass Lantern, and 'Solar Eclipse' are my favorite. They all have done well for me in shade right alongside my heuchera. I also have varieties of tiarella, not as colorful, but if infinitely easier to care for with no dividing necessary after many years. Tiarella do not get that woody stalk and spindly leaves when it's time to break them into divisions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Under crabapple

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Very pretty garden, Kirsten! I bet the stone path draws you right in :-)


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true_blue(Mtl Can Zone 4b)

This is the second year for my Silver Scrolls and 2 Georgia Peach in sandy soil and dappled shade.
The plants receive1 hour of direct sun approximately.
Silver Scrolls (was a big plant to begin with) is thriving. Georgia Peach is Ok (They were small plants to begin with), but as I was forced to transplant them due to construction work last fall, they were sort of in bad shape. But thankfully there seems to be lot of new growth and in a couple of years they should be fine.

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