New ones today :) and a mystery

njmomma(z6 NJ)July 2, 2014

Best In Class I think was a trade or bonus, can't remember but it doubled in size in a very short time. It's a little too perfectly red and rounded for me (I know, too perfect is a problem?) but I'll keep it for now.
This was early this morning so it was still in the shade and this upclose pic doesn't show its' true redness. Plus it's still in the morning shade.

yup that's thrips damage

Cheetah Safari blooming quite low

Rainbow Radiance is my all time favorite - not the best pic of it here but it's superb.

Stately Sir, not the best bud maker or multiplier but it's not taking up any space (next to my tomatoes) so it can stay for now.

Free Wheelin'

FFO for Porcelain Ruffles

Now I'm confused. I have this one labeled as RUE MADELAINE but it's so dark. The second pic is a clump of it and it's multiplied so quickly - looks great. The 3rd pic is from last year of a daylily near it that I THOUGHT was Rue Madelaine and now I'm not sure what it is. :(
I thought maybe it would lighten up but when I got home from work at 5:30 it was still quite dark.

and my rue madelaine that is probably not rue madelaine

I'm confused. Someone help me.

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That purple mystery is a beauty. I hate to have mysteries like that, though in my yard and I have a few. Beautiful budding on it too. Looking on the net, people post everything from a deep wine to dark purple for Rue Madeleine. Cheetah Safari and Free Wheelin' both look really good. Best in Class is a lovely red.

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Nancy zone 6

Your Best in Class looks much better than mine. I got mine as a bonus from Maryott a couple of years ago.
Love Cheetah Safari & Rainbow Radiance.

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Inevitably, I have a few plants that are mysteries--tags were lost or they were not true to name. It's a good idea to keep all past orders.

Best in Class never did well here. I like Cheetah Safari, but hope it shapes up.

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Rainbow Radiance is my pick of the group. Make sure you post more pics of it!

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Julia NY(6)

Cheetah Safari has a nice color combination. Reminds me of a pansy. :-) Free Wheelin looks good too. Nice to see you have all forms in your garden.


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Your first picture is Rue Madelaine (dark). Your second picture is not familiar to me. Hope this helps!!

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

well!! I love that mystery plant, its a beauty, but all of them are very pretty and I like them all.


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