Kent mango tree in SW Florida

jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)June 21, 2014

Am just curious why my prized Kent mango tree is the only one of the 3 larger trees ( all in ground 4 + years ), that looks healthy but yet has no mango's on it for the 2nd year in a row.

The other two trees are :

A 12 ft tall early season Glenn that has proven to be a prolific bearer, presently sitting with about 40 nice sized fruit just starting to fall off the tree. Last year it had about 20 fruit.

A 15 ft tall late season Vallencia Pride tree that is also loaded with about 40 + reddish fruits that will be ready for picking in another month. Last year it had a dozen or so fruits.

The Kent gets all the TLC the other two get, also the only tree I spread 3 " of red bark mulch under it 2 yrs ago,..making sure it was 12 " away from the trunk.

Am stumped. Am I being too anxious ? After all the tree is young, only in the ground 4 + years, - it was 6 1/2 ft tall when planted, - but the other two were as well ! It gets fertilized 3 times a year, never after October tho. They all got a fungus spray 3 x this past year. It looks very healthy now, although I notice no new outbreak of shiny leaf growth within the last 2 weeks, like both the Vallencia Pride and the Glenn have lots of. Not sure if that means anything.

Am stumped,...just hoping I am being over anxious and the Kent takes a few years more to fruit than the others do,..however have never read that anywhere. It just so happens that the Kent is my favorite tasting mango as well, close seconds in my book. Perhaps that is contributing to my impatience.

Would appreciate any thoughts from the many mango gurus out there. Thanks !

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Jofus, not an expert...but I think you may be right about the tree just not being mature year why don't you apply some 0-0-50 around December or just might promote blooms? I think mango trees (generally) speaking takes about 5 years to really start going...though we've both been very lucky and had trees produce on its 2nd and 3rd year...these are probably not the norm?

Also very little water or no additional water from Nov. thru Jan. so the trees should be...this is easier said than done for me since I have irrigation for the lawn so I cannot turn it off in those I hope for the best and have been very lucky that most of mine have bloomed/fruited...but I did hae a Glenn that is very stubborn...didn't bear fruits until its 5th year and now only 1/3 of the tree in my limited experience
each trees do their own thing and not necessarily the variety we choose :o)

I remembered that I had a Kent tree about 12 years ago when I lived in Bradenton and I think that tree didn't produce till it was 5 or 6 years old and it was grafted...So maybe that one is a little slower to get going...

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jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)

Thanks Puglvr1, will shop around for some 0 - 0- 50 fertilizer soon and apply it to that one tree in the fall for a couple of months. The only good news is, as I said, the tree is now 12 ' tall and looks very healthy with lots of branches & leaves.
Funny, but a pal & his wife came up from the Upper Keys last week to visit and the two of us ( his wife stayed in their home here,..thinks we are nuts. lol ), scouted this area in detail to look at how the huge mango trees that were so productive in years past, are doing this year. We were appalled ! Out of perhaps two dozen trees we saw only 10 - 15 mango's. Most trees were bare,..nothing, nada.
Am hoping this is only an anomaly and that next year they will all be bursting with luscious fruit, my Kent included.
After that inspection, plus your advice, am feeling a lot better. Think I just need to chill out and give that Kent more time. My neighbor next door says yesterday that recently planted young mango trees NEED 8 YEARS to be reliable producers ! Hope she's exaggerating a little. .
Thanks again.

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Puglvr1 is right: "each trees do their own thing and not necessarily the variety we choose :o)"

My Carrie that had about 30 fruit last year (had a double bloom) has 2 this year. Same goes for some other trees in neighborhood. However some trees do have fruit. Who knows. Slight environmental changes that affect some varieties but not others? Seems to be something or things that we have no control over...

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jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)

Got it, thanks again !
My Kent is of course grafted as well, wouldn't have it any other way.
Some recent good news,.. the new Tebow Mango tree that I planted less than 1 1/2 yrs ago is turning out to be a fantastic All American, like it's namesake. An overlooked addition, have recently started noticing it's extra vibrant flushes.
It came in a 20 gal pot and after planting, stood 5 1/2 ft tall. It is now 6 1/2 ft tall and bursting with all kinds of new growth,..including trunk width. Sooo, to be honest, if the Kent continues to drag it's feet ( smile ), I won't be too upset, because my " Gator Guy " will be the center of attention very soon. Hell, it even had a dozen small mangos early in Feb, but of course they fell off by April.
Life is good when you have a mini mango plantation ! lol

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