Sweet Tea part two

dbarron(z7_Arkansas)August 1, 2014

Well, I err umm enjoyed my Sweet Tea in the nursery pot all summer...and I don't think it did well. I actually feel like I somewhat tortured the poor thing, my first heuchera/heucherella I watered every 3 or 4 days, and only once let it get dry enough to semi-wilt.

In a month or so, as things cool down I'm going to plant it and see how growing it in the ground goes next year. I'll get it some mushroom compost I think...and admix that a bit with the topsoil in the immediate area where I plant it. That should improve fertility and drainage to a similiar point as I see out in the forest where the heuchera vilosa cv. arkansana grows naturally around rocks.

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I have Sweet Tea too - but in the ground! It has survived three years now but it always looks like it is thirsty. I water it and it seems to have increased in size but ..... it never really looks happy.

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