Garden Talk Part 2

sujiwan_gwMarch 30, 2010

Earlier, I mentioned that I needed to come up with an idea for garden club. I've decided on the broad subject matter, in this case the family Lamiaceae (menthas, etc.) since it has so many varied herb plants in it.

Someone mentioned rimming sugars--how do you make that from something like mint or lemon balm, for example? I'm finding lots of products for sale for alcoholic rimmers but not herb recipes. Any other jazzy ideas on the culinary front? My co-presenters have both chosen the culinary angle for roses and lavender.

I was wondering about the idea of dried herb mixes that would involved this family for things from tea combos to herb pillows that you might be aware of.

Somehow I have got to procure some bulk herbs in any case since it's northern Maryland and nothing in my garden is growing more than teensy baby leaves if that! The nurseries aren't carrying anything like this yet as it is too cold and I know I can only quickly find fresh typical herbs in the grocery store. So, forget fresh edible flowers by next week--it's either varied dried stuff or only fresh grocery herbs in this "mint" family.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

If there is no health food store in the area that sells bulk herbs, Frontier Herbs and Rose Mountain Herbs both do mail order and can supply most anything you probably would need.

Herbal teas? That is a popular topic. Look for the back posts on this forum for much on teas and tea herbs. Recipes, potpourri, and more can be found in the back posts too. Many gems!


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Depending on your need many times you will only need a small amount of herbs for things like the rimmers so check your regular grocery isle for teas that can be used and in the spice section for other

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sujiwan, It won't matter which herb you use to make rimmers. If using fresh herb, I simply layer sugar and the herbs in a mason jar and wait a few weeks. If you don't have a few weeks, use dried herb, ground very finely and sugar. A blender won't get your herb fine enough. Use a spice grinder to grind herb (get about 1-2 Tbsp of dried, ground herb per cup of sugar). You can use mint, lemon balm, lavender, rose geranium, etc. Even cayenne if you want that sort of kick. But, you might reduce the amount of cayenne per cup of sugar! Get a super fine sugar or also grind your sugar in a spice grinder. It will stick to the rim much better. To rim, pour a little water in a saucer; tip your glass over and submerge the edge in the water (maybe 1/8 inch deep), then pour your flavored sugar in another saucer and twirl the wet rim in that sugar.

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