growing colored cotton

rosietomatoSeptember 12, 2008

I live in Georgia. Why doesn't Southern Seed Exchange ship colored cotton to Georgia? Anyone know?

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Hey Rosietomato; Colored cotton cross pollinates with white cotton readily. Colored cotton has a much shorter fiber than commercial white cotton. It's to protect the commercial farmers in your state.

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To clarify cotton is self pollinating but is easily crossed by bees which actively forage cotton. Cotton farmers also have bees placed in the fields to increase yields but unless your growing within a mile of a cotton field being grown for seed and are growing a significant volume of cotton that could contaminate acres of seed cotton cross pollination is not the concern. The concern is a federal requirement inforced by local state agency usually the extension service for that state. This requirement which is actually a law prohibits the importation of any cotton seed or growing of any cotton unless it is registered with the governing authority and grown under a permit including ornamental cotton for backyard growers. The purpose of this law is to monitor and prevent the introduction of the boweevel into states that are certified boweevil free.
I grow ornamental cotton and I have a permit which cost $40 /year which pays for a trap to monitor for boweevils and an extension agent comes out three times about once a month june thru aug to replace the pherinome (sp)in the trap and check for boweevils. So I would suggest contacting your county extension agent for your state laws and requirements. Rodger

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