Lavender Turning Brown & Withered?

sammyyummy(11)March 21, 2013

My mom gave me some lavender plants.
They were planted in well draining soilless mix, and exposed to lots of sun (and heat).
I water them sparingly and keep the soil from becoming too wet for prolonged periods of time (read that lavender hates getting their root soaked). I water every other day when the soil becomes dry.
I have had them for 3-4 months now but have noticed them to have lost vigor : they're not of a healthy green color but somewhat pale green to almost brown grey, with the stems turning dark brown as well.

Are they a goner?
What am I doing wrong?
Please help. I had no success growing them from seeds for a year hence they were given to me; first time herb gardener here.


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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Can you share a photo of your plants? Photos help tell a lot of the story and what might be happening.

That said, lavender can often be various shades of grey-green but brown is not a healthy color. It is the color of dead foliage. Potted plants can get baked - literally - in their pots. I see you are zone 11, perhaps the pots are getting too much heat and you are cooking your plants?


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While mature lavender plants can tolerate a limited amount of drought conditions, lavender can really take quite a bit of water, as long as you've provided good drainage. Potted plants will always use much more water than plants in the garden. And a small pot will always dry out much more quickly than a large pot.

Potting mixes, when allowed to dry out completely, become water repellent. The solution is to immerse the pot, plant and all, in a bucket or tub of water, leave until the air bubbles cease to rise to the surface, remove. This redydrates the 'soil', enabling the roots to access the moisture once again.

I suggest your plants are dying of thirst. 'Tolerates some drought when mature' does NOT mean 'likes desert conditions'.

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IVe included pictures for your assessment. Please keep your insights coming.

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an up close view

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an up close view, the one on the far right is the one im worried about.

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