Georgia Peach looks blasted and stomped!

esther_bAugust 18, 2012

I just returned from a 2 week vacation to Israel (absolutely FABULOUS to visit!) and returned to find my Marmalade heuchie and hostas looking fine but my Georgia Peach (in same garden) looking like someone stomped on it and blasted it with a ray-gun. The larger leaves are all dry and flattened into the ground and a couple of younger center leaves are all that looks viable. Is it dead? What could have caused this? My neighbor watered my gardens while I was gone. Everything else is fine.

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I've been having a similar problem with 1st year "Autumn Leaves" and I've been home to tend to mine. They're up, they're down, they're up, they're down...sheesh! It was so pretty when I first brought it home... and now... :-P The larger leaves are not brown (as you described yours) but they are all wilty and sprawling down.

I'm guessing that, as long as your Georgia Peach has some viable center leaves, you keep the area watered and then mulch for this winter, with more maturity your heuchera will be better able to stand up to next summer's struggles.

Hopefully others will weigh in with some advice. Post a photo for us to see how your GP looks. It's just been a terrible summer and your GP may not be as bad off as you think. :-)


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My GP's condition looks a lot like your Autumn Leaves, but worse. It's supposed to t-storm later tonight, I hope that helps. The Marmalade heuchie, 20" away, looks fine, as do the hostas planted all around this thing. Almost looks like a malicious neighbor sprayed the GP with Heuchicide. I sure hope it comes back next year. The area is mulched with shredded cedar, which does help retain moisture.

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Good afternoon,

I'm no expert on heucheras but I'm wondering since I don't see any crispy edges on Autumn Leaves that perhaps the problem is too much moisture. I lost my Autumn Leaves after my NEW neighbour flooded my garden with pool water which was chemical free. Now I don't know for certain that this was the reason for its demise but my comment is based on my observation of other heucheras in my garden. I notice that my heuchera 'Mocha' (a villosa hybrid) which is heat stressed has crispy edges. My heuchera "Caramel' which has villosa parentage (same as Autumn Leaves) is surviving in dry shade. If I were you I would allow the top inch of soil to dry out before watering again to see the results.

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Hi, Sorry to hear about what happened with your Georgia Peach. We had very hot late June and July (~ 100F dry heat for a couple of weeks) and I was away for 2 weeks and did not water the garden. Georgia Peach were a little dry and crispy. I cut off the bad looking leaves and they recover nicely with rain and cooler temperature. Th Obsidian is much better and did not suffer too much. They have dappled lights in the morning but direct sun from 2-7 pm.

Hosta June, Stain Glass and Georgia Peach

Hosta Sun Power and Obsidian

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Vivian, thanks for your reply (and to Irawon, et al as well). I have watered my Georgia Peach since I got back from vacation. It seems to be holding steady. No new leaves but no further deterioration from being a stomped and blasted crispy critter. And 2 feet away, the Marmalade is lush and beautiful! Go figure! Your under-tree garden looks somewhat like mine, even has the same mulch. I have about 7 varieties of hosta, from medium to tiny minis, the 2 heucheras, and an outer edge of impatiens and alyssum. Another strange thing is that the lavender impatiens are heat scorched but the fuschia colored ones are fine. Isn't that weird?

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