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duester45(4)September 21, 2012

Hello! I have been growing flowers in my garden since I purchased the family home 6 years ago but am planning to switch to food plants next spring. I want to use heirloom seeds and grow them organically. My location is West Central Wisconsin about 90 miles east of St. Paul, MN.

I will need some information to work with between now and planting time: I hope to find a good seed company that sells seeds and not glitzy packaging. I like to think I am paying for the seeds, not the pretty pictures. Later, I will need help choosing varieties that will grow well with less than full day sunshine.

Hopefully, I will harvest enough to can the crop which brings forth a possible issue. I have a glass topped electric stove and have been told that a pressure cooker will cause serious damage to it. Some people have told me that this isn't true and to just do it.

This project and some others should occupy my time quite well. I hope to make an attempt at beer and wine making too.

Any help and/or advice will be appreciated.



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Hello! I am not far from your area over here in MN. Have you thought about the buckets of Heirloom and non gmo seeds sold on EBAY and the like for Preppers/survivalists? They have the kinds of seed you are talking about and no fancy packaging and yet lots good seeds to work with for less than $50 total (and often less than $25 depending on what you want) for a big variety. Just go to EBAY and check out the offerings. No need to wait for the Armageddon either if you want to plant them now/2013 instead! LOL

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Thanks, Kathy. I'll check it out.

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A different Kathy from MN here. I have a glass topped stove, and have not heard that about pressure cooker. I did read not to use cast iron on the glass surface, but promptly ignored that rule. What is the danger with pressure canners?

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