Planting the spirea seems to have helped Midas Touch

esther_bSeptember 3, 2013

When I saw my poor little Midas Touch, planted this year, get all sun scorched from the sun sneaking through the gap between my building and the next, I decided it needed its own sunscreen. I went shopping for a small shrub to shade it and come upon a beautiful dwarf spirea on 75% off--Neon Flash. I planted the spirea in direct line between the affected heuchie and the line of the sun about a week ago. Voila! I already see a whole cluster of new, unburnt leaves in the middle. Hopefully the spirea will ensure that Midas Touch gets to its full beauty next year.

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Good idea you had, esther_b! The spirea provides both beauty and function. I often do things like plant my heuchs so they're under the leaves of another perennial, such as a peony bush or a tall hosta. It's amazing how creative a person can get when creating shade.

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