Anybody know who this is?

CaseysMomSeptember 7, 2004

This volunteered in my flower container & I let it grow...

It is an eggplant, but I have no clue which one.

Your help is much appreciated~

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

From the leaf size as compared to the fruit size I"m assuming very small white eggs.

But before suggesting something could you please tell me if these are mature size, or not.

Also, it may be a volunteer to you, but it had to come from somewhere. LOL

Did you or any neighbors grow eggplants last year?

Probably bird or critter transferred from last year from somewhere if you weren't growing any last year.

The real problem in trying to attach a specific variet y name to a volunteer is b/c you don't know if it's from pure seed or seed from an accidental cross pollination from last year .


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I doubt they are mature size...

I recall that my DD's friend gave us some seed of this plant, but I thought it was a dud. I must have used some of the recycled soil when planting this & Voila!!

So I am certain that it is an ornamental, but just guessing which one.

Thanks Carolyn~

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

So I am certain that it is an ornamental, but just guessing which one.

Why do you say an ornamental?

There are perfctly edible white eggplant varieties that range in size from tiny white eggs to full size white fruits at maturity.

And there are many different varieties of white eggplant, I'm partial to Cloud Nine and Casper myself, but without knowing the variety for the seeds that were given to you I'm afraid it's impossible to ID a variety.

Can't you ask the friend who gave your DD the seeds?

But I sure wouldn t assume it's an ornamental, which assumes non-edible most of the time.


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It was a package that was labeled "Easter Egg"...
no name for the variety. Since it was a gift, I have no clue & it is really not all that critical. I will look up the names of the ones you mentioned & take a guess.


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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

I will look up the names of the ones you mentioned & take a guess.

No need to look up anything Casey, for Easter Egg IS the name of the variety and if you go to Google and enter that along with the word eggplant you'll find lots of references.

It's considered as an edible ornamental and will remain that small egg size turning to pale yellow as it matures.


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Cool, thanks~

PS. My name is Carolyn too!!

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tomgyrll(5a ON)

I've long wondered if easter egg was the same plant as impwa, a small eggplant grown extensively in Zambia (and elsewhere in Africa under different names)...this motivated me to finally look into it...and they're not the same. Impwa or African Eggplant is solanum aethiopicum while Easter Egg is solanum ovigerum. Impwa is very edible! I gather EE is technically edible, just unpleasantly bitter but some Asians eat it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Impwa

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A colonial ornamental also called "Old White Egg." Don't know as much as Tomgyrll about its origins, but this was probably the first eggplant brought to England in the 16th century, and was the cause of the uniquely English nickname "eggplant". According to William Woys Weaver, it's edible until the eggs turn yellow. There's also a black variety.

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I ate a lot of Impwa while a Peace Corps volunteer in Zambia (2005-07). Yes, it's a bit bitter, but like all vegetables in Zambia, it's good fried up in some oil with an onion and a diced tomato.

My mother just found some "Easter Egg" seeds and I'm really excited to plant them. I really miss the food :)

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Re: Easter eggplant, wonder plant or garden eggs is the name for it. The person who said is not edible is wrong about it. Is very common where i come from in west Africa and edible. Mum had it growing in the garden all the time so as grand ma and other people i knew. It also turn to be among one of the most common vegetables sold at the market. Where i come from in West Africa we call it garden eggs as, Canadians and most Americans call it Easter Eggplant or the wonder plant. Is a veggie that grows very fast and pretty. When i moved to Canada 31 years ago i have been looking for the seeds and finally happen to come across the seeds in packages for sale at my local Walmart store. I was amazed and very delighted to have finally found it. I picked up a few and started some from seeds this summer. The fruits are so cute. You can actually cook with it and use it to make different kinds of dishes. I wanted to safe it from the cool weather coming so i brought them inside and put grow lights on them. I realized is not doing so well it started to develop some kind of little yellow fungus that are actually bugs. I sprayed it with robbing alcohol mixed with water and dish soap. It was doing okay but it started again and have to take it outdoors.

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