Mulch used for heucheras

dazlr(z5ontario)September 2, 2013

I had only the common green coral bell in my garden , then I saw my cousins gardens where he has quite a few heuchera's of different colors and forms.
Then I found several places in Ontario Canada that have mail order or pickup of these gorgeous plants. So I went on a road trip to see one of these places. Purchased Cherries Jubilee, Green spice, and Autumn Haze.
And picked up Pewter Moon, Miracle, Palace Purple, Midnight Rose and a Bressingham hybrid somewhere else yesterday. If the rain stops I might get these planed :)
My question is what do others here use for mulch ? What with all the different colors you would not want to have a mulch that takes away from the wonderful colors of these plants.
Thank you

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I use either dark colored compost or 3-way soil as mulch. The 3-way soil I buy is an equal mixture of sand, compost and sandy loam. (It also works great when dug into the dirt to break up clay soil.) I've also seen nut shells (such as filbert or hazelnut) and pine needles used. I don't use pine needles, though, as my soil is already acidic because of how much it rains here in the PNW. I don't like the look of bark and I especially don't like the slivers, but that's just personal preference.

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Thanks again for your advice. Will be ;putting the 3 way on my list to pick up.

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Cedar mulch on top of plain newspaper layers and compost. It breaks down fast, about a year for the newsprint, two for the mulch, and suppresses weeds wonderfully.
I am lucky though, and have good soil to begin with.

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