Sunday Part 1

Julia NY(6)July 13, 2014

These are pics from today and the last few days. Thunderstorms just passed through so it is safe to get online again.

STEALTH BOMBER- finally opening some decent blooms

FLAMING WILDFIRE - just starting

GENTLE ON MY MIND - disappointed in the budcount but heck anything that survived this year is a winner.

PINEWOOD ONLY IMAGINE - huge bloom but low budcount so far and had some issues opening correctly. It has more pink than my photo shows.

LONG LEGGED LAP DANCER - just started today and lots of scapes and buds.

BETTY SPAGETTI - new this year from Judy D. So far I'm liking it.

ARCTIC BLAZE - more pinkish in tones this year.

SPIRITUAL CORRIDOR - just starting.

OPEN DOOR - has been blooming but haven't gotten back out to take pics when it opened with multiple blooms.

INHERITED WEALTH - has been blooming but can't get a good photo since it takes almost noon before all the blooms open up fully. Also very top heavy in buds which doesn't help with openings.

LESLIE RENEE - just started opening. Seems also to be top heavy in buds which stops blooms from opening fully.

MOKAN BUTTERFLY - also having issues with opening during cooler mornings but once we stayed overnight in the 60's, it opens fine.

WESTBOURNE MAMA KIRBY'S NINE BRATS- not a favorite of mine and will definitely be on the list to leave.

AVALONIA QUASAR - just started opening.

SCIENCE OF MIND - just starting

STRUTTER'S BALL - disappointed with it this year. Top heavy in buds which stops many blooms from opening fully. It needs dividing badly so is on my list to get done this year.

PEACHES AND GOLD - down in budcount this year.

FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN - down in budcount but what a gorgeous red it is.

CHEIF EXECUTIVE OFFICER - just starting and full of scapes and buds again this year. Needs dividing so its on the list.

WASHED WATERCOLOR - just started. Budcount down, scapes are short this year but it was already marked to leave the garden this year.

GRASSHOPPER - tall scapes but the blooms are too small for my liking. Will leave the garden this year.

CLAUDINE'S CHARM - just started opening.

PRAGUE SPRING - always a champ in the garden.

Will stop here and do a Part 2.


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Really like your critiques, Julia, so helpful in case I would like to get some of these. I particularly like Flaming Wildfire, Stealth Bomber, Long Legged Lap Dancer(hate the name), Avalonia Quasar. Science Of Mind, and Prague Spring. Avedon

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Great pictures!
I also really appreciate the comments. Noticed a lot of top budding too this year :s
My favorites of part 1 are Gentle on my Mind, Spiritual Corridor (really nice pic!), Strutter's Ball, Fire On The Mountain and Claudine's Charm.
Grasshopper totally reminds me of Night Beacon. Wanted to cull NB last year for the same reasons ;)) but in the end decided to keep a few fans.

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shive(6b TN)

Gentle On My Mind is a very pretty color. Maybe it will improve on bud count next year. Speaking of bud count, Chief Executive Officer looks like it is doing very well in the bud department. Fire On the Mountain is a gorgeous red in deed.


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Stealth Bomber is stunning! Gorgeous photo, Julia. Fire on the Mountain is a luscious red. Long Legged Lap Dancer looks good, as does Betty Spagetti. what is in the photo with Prague spring? both are very pretty.

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Stealth Bomber looks really good. Has it been consistent all year? I know you have had variable blooms in the past.

The picture of Chief Executive Officer is nicely framed and naturally composed.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

you really have some beauties blooming, lOve STEALTH BOMBER. so pretty, as well as ARCTIC BLAZE .I really like that one, too.and INHERITED WEALTH . I love that one too. love them ruffles. SCIENCE OF MIND is very pretty, too.and FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN is a beauty.Love reds and purples.


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My favorites of this group are Stealth Bomber and Fire On The Mountain. I like the color of Grasshoper, but with a 40+ inch scape, I can see why the size might disappoint. Unless it produces a bud count of 25-30.


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Lots of nice ones and helpful comments, too!

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Maryl zone 7a

Flaming Wildfire and Fire on the Mountain are my favorites of this group. Love the vibrant colors.....I also like Leslie Renee. I lost almost all of her except one tiny fan over this last winter. However I liked her so much that I had to re-order her. This season many of my new purchases have failed to bloom- rather unusual - but my new Leslie did bloom (just quit yesterday). She's a good grower for me and I like her color in person. I hadn't noticed the buds being crowded upon opening since I was just thrilled to get blooms at all this year. I will try and notice it in the future though. Appreciate all your comments.........Maryl

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Julia NY(6)

Thanks all for the comments.

I have found that Stealth Bomber when having so many buds does have a problem with opening fully. As the blooms have opened and been less than spectacular in my book, now it is doing fine. I've never had so many heavy top buding dls as this year. Others are fine but some just went into overdrive.


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