how to fix clay soil for heuchera

dazlr(z5ontario)September 2, 2013

In some parts of my area the soil is fairly heavy clay. Is there a way to make this soil better to grow heuchera ? Thanks for your advice

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Some people find that adding gypsum (calcium sulfate) to their clay soil is enough to get it to break up. For me, I have good results when I add organic matter, such as shredded leaves, garden compost, cow manure and shredded bark. Sphagnum peat moss also works well, but will add acidity to the soil, so be sure you want that. Fall is a great time to collect leaves and put them into a shredder or run over them with your lawn mower. Just collect what's in the bag and mix it into your soil. You can also leave it on top as well and let the rains break it down.

It doesn't give instant results; earthworms and microbes have to work on it. But, if you do it year after year, you'll soon have soil that you can practically dig a hole in with your hand.

I find that compost and organic matter is the answer to most soil issues. I had several areas of my garden that were sandy and it worked for those areas as well.

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Thank you flower frenzy. We have several large maple trees in the yard so will use the leaves on my own heuchera and other gardens tool

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