Will Heuchera Paris be ok in fun sun?

vivian_2010September 2, 2012

I really like Heuchera Paris but have limited partial shade (reserved them mostly for hostas). Can Paris tolerate fun sun?

In your experience, what are the heucheras that are performing the best in fun sun and without too much fading of color? I currently have Georgia Peach, Canjun Fire and Obsidian, in ~ 4 hrs afternoon sun. They are doing fine. Canjun Fire color did fade a little bit during the hot summer.

Thanks for the help


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Hi Vivian,

My experience with Paris is that it really needs quite a bit of shade. Mine scorched in a part sun spot so I moved it. It bloomed but did not rebloom for me this season and I have it in two different locations.

Rave On takes more sun and blooms for longer / more continuously in my garden. The flowers are similar to Paris but Rave On has more interesting foliage IMO.

Connie May

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Hi Connie May,

Thank you for the recommendation. I will try Rave on then. The nursery I typically order from (Ilovehostas.net) ran out of Rave on. So I need to wait for next spring or find another source.

Thanks again,

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