Full Sun Heucheras or Heucherellas

gardener-in-wi(5 SEWi)October 2, 2013

I have a new berm that I would like to plant with some Heucheras. This area receives full sun. I was checking out the link to Casita Azul, (Flower Frenzy you are such an enabler:)) and saw a few that were listed full sun. I'm just wondering if anyone has had luck with heucheras in full sun, and if so which kind? A few of the ones I'm looking at are Miracle, Peach Crisp and Kassandra.


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Terri~always happy to enable! Personally, I can't seem to get enough of heucheras/ellas! I like that they'll grow just about anywhere, unlike other plants that need mostly sun or mostly shade.

I've had lots of luck with heucheras in full sun. Out of the three you listed, I grow Miracle and Peach Crisp. They both grow well in full sun and Peach Crisp acutally needs some sun in order to color up. I don't like Miracle very much. It's green most of the year and doesn't color up nearly so nicely as the pictures show. One I do have that has those particular colors is heucherella Solar Eclipse. That one grows in full sun and is a much better option, imho.

I grow most of mine in lots of sun, except for the lime green and yellow ones. Those seem to need at least afternoon shade, if not all day shade, or else their leaves burn to a crisp.

As a general rule, the darker the leaf, the more sun the plant can take. I grow Palace Purple, Blackout, Frost, Blackberry Crisp and Midnight Ruffles in hot afternoon sun and they don't scorch unless I forget to water them. The only thing I notice with the full sun is that they tend to "green up" a bit in the heat of the summer. They go back to being purple in the spring and fall, though.

Others I have luck with in full sun are Caramel, Amber Waves, Melting Fire, Sashay, Rio, Mahogany, Big Top Gold, Zipper, Venus, Geisha's Fan, Marvelous Marble, Brass Lantern and Green Spice. All of my others I have in afternoon shade, so I can't attest to their sun tolerance. I suspect they'll take more sun than I'm giving them, though.

I should also note that I've noticed that adequate watering plays a big part in how sun tolerant my plants are. If I forget to water, even the ones that are listed as "full sun" plants will get crispy leaves.

I grow over 70 varieties of heucheras and heucherellas. If there are any others you're looking for specific info on, let me know and I'll see if I can help.

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gardener-in-wi(5 SEWi)

Thanks flower-frenzy for all your great information! I bought two today, Caramel and Georgia Peach. I'm still debating where I want to put them, but after hearing about your success with them in sun I'll probably give it a try. I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow. I just might order from Casita Azul as well, they have some varieties that I can't find locally.

Wow, 70 different varieties! I didn't know there were that many! These are as addicting as hostas! Thanks again for all your info flower-frenzy! I'll keep you posted and let you know what I order.


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Hi Terri,

Flower-Frenzy is an excellent enabler and I have so much enjoyed her posts and beautiful pictures.

I live just south of you in the Northwestern Subs of Chicago. I grow most of my heucheras in full sun or mostly sunny locations. Below are the ones doing really well for me, without extra need for water. I pretty much treat them like sun perennials:
1. Frosted Violets (absolute love this one, beautiful violet color, and tall and strong),
2. Obsidian (Dark Purple, color stays nice all summer)
3. Caramel (nice yellow)
4. Belle Note (lots of pink blooms)
5. Frost (small plant and so cute. Used to be my favorite until I got Frosted Violet)
6. Cajun Fire

The following are in a place with 3-4 hours hot sun and have been doing great:
Georgia peach (big and beautiful)
Fire Alarm
Paris (best heucheras with the longest hot pink blooms)
Berry Smoothie (just got it a couple months ago after seeing FF's pictures)

You can not go wrong with Casita Azul. I have been ordering from them for the last 3 years for the ones that can not be found in local stores. high quality and good service. Their plants grow very well.

Good luck.

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gardener-in-wi(5 SEWi)

Vivian, I'm glad to hear you have had luck with Casita Azul. This sale is great, and no shipping costs, I'm trying to rein myself in though. Fire Alarm and Berry Smoothie are two that I am interested in, however they are sold out. Maybe I'll add them to my list for spring. I have 9 in my cart so far, but I need to narrow it down a bit. Have either of you grown the Heucherella Copper Cascade, Sunrise Falls or Redstone Falls? Those three look interesting to me and they sound as though they will spread like a groundcover. Pics would be great if you have them!


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I don't grow any of the Cascade series myself, but I just saw 'Copper Cascade' at my local nursery. The color is really beautiful.

'Berry Smoothie' is definitely one to put on your list for next year. The color is intense and amazing. It's not one that will take full sun, though. It likes at least afternoon shade.

'Fire Alarm' is great also. It's the reddest one I own. Good grower as well.

Here's a recent picture of my 'Berry Smoothie'.

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Here's a pic of 'Fire Alarm' taken this morning. The cooler Fall weather really intensifies its red coloration.

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gardener-in-wi(5 SEWi)

Flower-frenzy, I love the bright colors of those two heucheras, definitely on my list for spring! Here's a pic of the Georgia Peach I picked up this week.

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gardener-in-wi(5 SEWi)

And here is Caramel. Both of these really show up well on the berm. I love the pink reverse on these leaves.

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gardener-in-wi(5 SEWi)

Here's my last one I have in a part shade. It's Southern Comfort. I really like this one as well, the leaves are huge.

Thanks for looking!

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Terri-those are looking really good. I grow all 3, and it would be hard to pick a favorite out of them. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

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