Only want more Heucheras :)

dazlr(z5ontario)October 12, 2013

I have been watching the heucheras I put in back in September and they seem to be doing well, changing color daily or so it seems.
I can only look forward to next year and filling my gardens with these gorgeous plants. Does anyone know the major breeders of heucheras? I would kind of like to see if they will post any new plants for 2014. Then hope the places I have up here might just have some.
Have a great weekend all. And to my fellow Canadians...Happy Thanksgiving.

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Probably the most prolific breeder of heucheras is Dan Heims of Terra Nova Nurseries. Thierry Delabroye of France has also put out some really good ones, such as 'Caramel'. I believe that Walters Gardens out of Michigan is responsible for the 'Dolce' series of heucheras. Those are the main 3 that I know of.

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Thanks flower-frenzy. Will look them up and keep a eye open for new comers. Have a great Sunday.:)

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The Primrose Path Nursery hybridizes heuchera, too.

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Where in Ontario are you located?

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