dgregory_so.cntrl.IL_zone6aOctober 18, 2012

I placed a late season order with Hallson and received it last week. The order included two sedum, a stachys, a lamiastrum and of course for this forum, Tiarella Black Snowflake. I planted them right away and checked each new plant every day or so.

All of the plants have new buds and/or leaves! The dark little tiarella leaves are perfect miniatures. I'm so looking forward to seeing it in the spring! For now, does anyone have Tiarella Black Snowflake growing in your garden? I know it's late in the growing year, but if you have photos from any season, please share!

I am so pleased with Hallson Gardens and the quality plants they offer. Heucherella Solar Eclipse is on my radar for an order in the spring.



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We were cleaning up some leaves around the house when I noticed my (planted a month ago) Tiarella Black Snowflake has grown! The little leaf in the middle is the size of the only leaf this new plant came with. This newbie settled right in nicely. Yay! Alas, I'm afraid the cold weather expected to arrive tomorrow will be the end of growth for this year. Looking forward to spring already.


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jan_on zone 5b

A little fall surprise there to help get you through the cold months ahead! There isn't much to admire in my gardens these days, but the heucheras still look amazingly pretty compared to the competition. Here's 'Silver Scrolls' holding her own among all the fallen leaves.

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We had a cold snap two nights ago, so I piled a few leaves back on some of the little ones and more tender plants like young hydrangea and crape myrtle. Midwest (US) temps get tricky in the fall (and spring). Wild swings, keeping me worried about late plantings. Only Mother Nature knows what each day will be, it could get in the 70's again pretty easily before winter actually hits. After a while, I just have believe I've done my best and let it go.

Your Silver Scrolls is very pretty Jan! Does it get much sun? I'm still trying to figure out the best placement for each heuchera. Thanks for sharing your photo. That's the nice thing about taking pics, we can enjoy them during winter.


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Your biggest problem with the fluctuations of temperatures is heaving. Check your heuchs and tarellas somewhat regularly. If they heave themselves out of the soil, just push them back in. The early Spring is when you are more apt to see this. I check mine and it gives me a good reason to get out of the house and walk around my gardens.

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