Do you think this is a good pairing?

Ashlie NeevelOctober 11, 2013

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the world of Heuchera, but I'd really love to plant some, ok well a bunch of them.

I live in Amsterdam Netherlands which is EU Hardiness Zone 8. It rarely ever gets hot here. We have around a week a year when it is in the 80's but other than that summers are around 74 degrees. Our winters are mild I suppose but we do have snow and temperatures on average of 26 degrees during the day in the winter and 14 degrees at night. It is quite windy often. I am planning my garden and feel that heuchera in a mass planting is the way to go for what I wish to accomplish.

I think that a pairing of Lime Marmalade with Berry Smoothie in an alternating planting would be nice. i.e. one lime then a berry than a lime and so on and so forth.

The area in question is an east facing garden with full sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon thanks to a large maple tree.

Do you think these two plants would look nice together and do you think they will do ok in my east facing garden?

Thanks for your help

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Hi Ashlie. Welcome to the world of heuchera! I grow both of the ones you're referring to, and they're both beautifully colored plants. They both require afternoon shade, but it sounds like you've got that covered as well. As to whether or not they'd look good together...I really think that's a matter of personal preference. I tend to mix all of my heucheras together and I think that most of the colors look great together. If I was doing a border of only 2 types, I might pick a darker purple than that of 'Berry Smoothie, to go with the lime green, but that's just me. I think the darker purple might make more impact. I've included a picture of both of the ones your referring to just for reference. Have fun!

This one is 'Lime Marmalade'.

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Here's 'Berry Smoothie'.

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Here's a deep purple one I really like called 'Midnight Ruffles'.

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'Obsidian' is another deep purple (blackish purple) that makes quite an impact.

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Ashlie Neevel

Thanks for replying I really appreciate it. The reason why I was asking about those to is because they were so vibrant and would act as my year round "flowers" so to speak since the bedding they will be in couldnt hold anything but them. They would be placed between trimmed boxwood hedges. Here is a rendering of it. I'm not sure if I love it or not but it certainly does add color in contrast to the grey gravel and the green boxwoods.


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Oh wow! Now that you put it in context, I think those colors would be just perfect. The bright colors contrast nicely with the dark green of the boxwoods. I love it!

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Ashlie Neevel

thanks i'm glad to hear you think they will look good lol. its hard to tell for sure just putting it on a computer program. its never quite the same as the real thing. On a side note just yesterday as i was going shopping i noticed their is heuchera growing wild in the grass in the neighborhood. its the old green variety not a special cultivair but it is clearly heuchera. thought it was neat that i noticed it now since i have been reading about these plants.

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