Howdy all...

buckster(z8)November 11, 2004


I'm looking for good bullet proof stuff ie. vegatables that will rippen in late May and June. I have no problem with stuff later in summer but I want big healthy veggies in late May. I live in So. Cal Zone 8. Thanks a ton all.


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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)


Are you asking for specific heirloom varieties?

If so, which vegetables?

I really do think that going to the specific Forums for this information might be a better way to go i n terms of your need to get veggies ripe in late May in your zone.

So for tomatoes that would be the Tomato Forum and for all other veggies that would be the Vegetable Forum and for Hot Peppers, that Forum.

There are more folks who post in the specific Forums than do here and you're not just asking for I guess heirloom varieties, but also growing information as to zone as well/



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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

I just noticed you posted in the Tomato Forum but only yesterday late, so that's not much time to give before expecting any responses.

This time of year the post volume is down in all the veggie Forums simply b/c it's that time of the year.

So if I were you I'd wait and see if any of the CA folks are in your zone, if there are some, and can make some suggestions for you.

There are so many darn microclimates in CA that I prefer to see those in a similar situation make suggestions.

I do OK with southern CA, but not a zone 8.


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gardenlad(6b KY)

Bucky, just to mitagate any frustrations, there is no such thing as a bullet-proof vegetable. There are too many variables and changing conditions for that to be so; unless you grow in a climate- and pest-controlled greenhouse.

True, some are more maintainence free than others. And some can make it with less care than others. But there isn't a crop in the world that can't fail for one reason or another.

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I'm just trying to get really good idea's on growing stuff at this time of year. I would love heirlooms. Like I said above later in the year I have no problems. I hate to call the seed companies because they just try to sell you the seeds.

I like tomatoes and peppers but I'm trying to come up with other neat things. I really want them this time of year. It is so hard to get good information on growing good stuff.

Thanks a ton,

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)


Folks in the tomato forum have been very helpful to you but you really should share more info about where y ou live as they've asked you so they can be of more help.

I don't undersdtand why you would even think of calling seed companies. For what purpose when you can look at th eir offerings either online or in their catalogs?

I'm kind of at a loss to know how to answer you.

You ask about growing methods.

That's not what this forum is all about.

What is your experience in growing vegetavles, lets start there.

Tomatoes and peppers I understand and you say you wanbt other neat things.

Well I can't think of one vegetable that doesn't have many heirloom varieties.

What kind of research have you done?

Have you gone to any seed sites to look at what's there?

Answers really have to come from you first as to what it is you're intertested in growing before anyone can help you with specific varieties, and I think you really should make an effort to know what is available.

I won't give you a lot of sources right now, but why not look at:

Tomato Growers Supply, for tomatoes and peppers
Baker Creek for heirlooms of many vegetables
Heirloom Seeds ( the one in PA) for heirlooms of many vegetables.

All the above you can find thru Google. Are you familiar with searching thru

Once you know what the possibilities are and you can indicate what interestes you most, then I think folks could better help you.


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Howdy all,

Garden lad, when I say bullet proof I mean I don't want plants that I have to nurse. I want things that won't die because it gets to hot or wilt at the first sign of no water. I know every plant has it's up's and down's but I don't have time to baby thing's.

Carolyn, I've readed ur page and I can see that you know what ur talking about. Let me tell you alittle about myself. I have about 500 roses with another 200 in pots. I grow a ton of cherries with peaches and other fruits thrown in. I have a field lavender and make things from native plants. I also have about 50 lillacs and some other oaks and ass. tree's.

As far as my question I'm looking at a time of year not just one type of veggie. Late May and June is a tuff time here. Were coming out of our frost time and were not yet into summer. Usually this is pretty good planting time still. I want to try and have things to harvest at this time not to just have in the ground.

I know it is a weird question. I have never grown in a hoop house or grown seed in Jan. it is all new to me.

Once again thank you all for the help,


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reginak(z7 Maryland)

What occurs to me for May-June harvest, although y'all please jump in and correct me since I may not know what I'm talking about:

juneberries (amelanchier spp)
cool-season veggies e.g. peas, lettuce, radishes

Bucky, you might also try the California forum and/or the Four-Season Harvest forum, also the regular Vegetables forum would probably be a better bet than this one as Carolyn suggested.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

I don't want plants that I have to nurse. I want things that won't die because it gets to hot or wilt at the first sign of no water. I know every plant has it's up's and down's but I don't have time to baby thing's.


If you plan to grow tomatoes or peppers or eggplant ot almost any veggie you do have to baby them from time to time as regards water, pests, fertilization, weeds, tc.

You grow roses, so you know what I mean.

And if you want something only during that two month period of time you're severely restricting yourself as to what you might grow and also eat during that short time period.

As Regina said, maybe some short season crops like lettuce and radishes and small early turnips and the like would be more your style. But again, if they need water, weeding, etc., you have to pay attention to them.

You really do.


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