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ChurchofBotanyOctober 30, 2013

Heucheras are named after German botanist and his name as we all know is Johan Heucher. In german without any exceptions diphthong "eu" is always pronounced "oy", like in Europa"-"oyropa" or "eule"- oyle". Why,oh, why somebody insists of making us sound stupid and propagates pronunciation "Hyookera"! In what language "ch" is pronounced "k"? Swahili?
If we should agree that the guy's name is "Hoycher" by the right pronunciation than it is "hoychera" as the only way to call it,.

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Interesting post. Actually, I never knew where heuchera got the name. After seeing this post I looked it up. Sure enough, heuchera got the name from the botanist Johan Heinrich Von Heucher.

I don't know why every bit of info on "correct pronunciation" points us toward saying it "hew-kera". Unfortunately, if I pronounced it "hoychera", no one at the nurseries would know what I was referring to. Lol

I found an interesting article on Latin names of a bunch of different plants, including heuchera. I've included a link in case anyone is interested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plant names in Latin

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