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Nica_boy(z10b Nicaragua)November 26, 2004

I live in Nicaragua and was wondering if any of you would like to see how your heirlooms would do here. We have a growing season year round as the tempature "drops" to 85 degrees in the "winter" (read: drier season.) and only gets to 95 in the wet season. I have experience growing regular tomatoes in the states and would now like to see if and which heirlooms would do well here. Any and all responses are welcome and appreciated.

Jeremy Meeks

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)


I'm not interested in seeing how my heirloom tomato varieties might do in your area, but a couple of questions for you.

If the night temps don't drop below 70F and the humidity is that high during the wet season, then it's going to be difficult to get any kind of good fruit production. Fruits don't set well with night temps a bove 70 and hugh humidity causes pollen clumping which reduces pollen viability/

The temp range you give is not that bad at all, it's the night temps and the humidity that might cause problems.

What tomato vareties are grown in your area? And with good success?


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I grew some beans from Nicaraugua here in TN and they did fine. I'd guess that you might want some of our more disease resistant varieties. How are the nematodes there? My folks have so much trouble with them in Florida, lots of things perfect for the climate won't grow there, like figs for instance. Donna

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