question about new heuchera's i just got

Rock_n_Ruf(5)November 28, 2012

Good afternoon everyone!
Last week I got some 3" potted heuchera's and immediately re-potted them in 6" pots. Now i'm not really sure what to do with them...
I am overwintering a bunch of peppers, so, should I let them stay with the peppers to help them grow a little before spring? Or, since they are perennials, should I put them in the garage so they can go into hibernation? I have a few container hostas in there now...
This is the first time I purchased plants so late in the season, so i'm not really sure how to proceed...
thank you!

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I am over wintering a couple of potted heuchera in my unheated garage. This is my first year doing so, so I'm hoping it will work. I plan on checking mine to be sure they don't dry out, at the same time being careful they are not soggy either. I have over wintered potted hosta like this for several winters and plan to treat the heuchera in a similar manner. I assume they will go dormant when the really cold weather sets in and is here to stay.

Hopefully someone will chime in with heuchera experience.
Fingers crossed,

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I am sure yours will be fine!
With mine, I'm just afraid with them being so young... I'm not sure what will happen. I'm sure I'm just being overly protective of the new additions!

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I can relate to your feeling protective over the newbies. I've read that heuchera need to dormancy to bloom their best, but I understand that you just want them to survive the winter. If you do overwinter like a house plant, be sure the humidity in your home isn't too dry.

As a suggestion, how do you feel about experimenting a couple of different ways? Maybe grow one like a houseplant, one in the unheated garage and one outside. The one outside would be protected against the house with leaves around the pot for insulation. If you site it under an overhang that would help protect it from excess rain/show etc. Or tip the pot after it freezes, like some do hosta in pots outside...

Anyhoo, good luck with your new babies. They will probably surprise you by how well they'll do overwinter.

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I have bought heuchs late in the season and I have also divided them late in the season. I carried them through the winter by I heeling the pots into my garden. I dug down far enough so that the rims of my pots were at ground level, but did not cover the crowns of the plants.

In the spring, I just planted my plants out in my garden. Every heuchera I have done this with, I had no problems - they all made it through the winter beautifully.

Good luck to you.

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