Heucheras after winter storms

dbarron(z7_Arkansas)December 15, 2013

Given that much of the country is just now melting (or maybe piling higher, depending how far north you are) from a massive winter storm, how are did you Heucheras weather it? I am just waiting to buy my first one, but given that arum italicum and a few other winter green perennials experienced a lot of broken leaves...I was just wondering how Heucheras did?

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We had a big (well, for us anyway) snow and ice storm here. A few leaves on my heuchera look a bit shriveled, but otherwise most of them look pretty good. The lime green ones, like 'Electra' and 'Lime Ruffles' seem to be the worst, followed by a few of the orangey ones like 'Sweet Tea' and 'Doce Peach Melba'. The dark-leaved ones, like 'Blackout' and 'Midnight Rufhles' look like they weren't even touched.

None of them look like they did in the Spring-Fall months, but overall I'm impressed with how well these plants hold up in the winter. Most of mine still have quite a bit of color. They're nice bright spots on an otherwise dreary and soggy-looking tableau.

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Edie(5 NY (Finger Lakes))

I saw mine the the last time we had a thaw and they were fine. Still colorful. They do get flattened by the weight of snow on top of them, but through the early part of winter they can usually pop up again when uncovered. By spring the old leaves are tired, but then they produce new growth. We're in the middle of another snowstorm so they're completely buried again.

I have one each of Pistache, Southern Comfort, Caramel, and Midnight Rose. Two of Venus. I didn't add to the collection this year, so all of these spent last winter with me.

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