The Squash That Would Not Die

scooty(6)November 5, 2005

Summer before last I planted Tennessee Sweet Potato. These are fairly big winter squash with a tough skin, a creamy texture and ok flavor IMO. I had one left over that just sat in the house all winter. My husband got tired of looking at it so he put it in the back yard where it sat all spring and summer. We would have forgotten about it, except it turned a beautiful, ghostly, pale lemon-green color. So he carved it into a jack-o-lantern last week. We were very surprised that the flesh and seeds inside were just as fresh as the year before! If you're interested in long storage squash, try Tennessee Sweet Potato.

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thats great! are the seeds good roasting?

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Do you still have some of those seeds that you could send me?

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You know, I wish I did have those seeds. They're pretty large and meaty and probably would've been good roasted. But DOH! for some reason I just wasn't thinking about seeds on Halloween, so I didn't save any (ok, so I didn't think the squash tasted all that great maybe that's why it sat around for so long to begin with!). The originals came from Seed Savers Exchange.

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I have seeds for something called a Chocktaw Sweet Potato squash. It might be the same thing. It's kind-of pinkish, and teardrop shape. They're a few years old but they might still work. If anyone's interested, e-mail me. They might be crossed with seminole pumpkin. I havn't planted these in a while because I like the seminole pumpkin better and they will cross.

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