Best Heirloom Tomatos for the South

idogcow(z8)November 29, 2009

Hi, I'm a small market grower in Southeast Louisiana. I've been growing tomatoes for market, including a few heirlooms, for a couple of years now. I just bought a high-tunnel and want to grow early heirlooms in it for spring. My space is limited, so I'm mostly concerned about productivity. Taste is next. Also, I've found larger tomatoes sell much better in my market than small ones.

What do you think my best candidates would be? Where can I purchase them?

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Here are some possibles:

Gregori's Altai - early good flavored red tomato with decent production and tolerant of some stress.
Cuostralee - large red slightly longer season with good production and good flavor.
Red Brandywine - medium large red with heavy production but not quite as good flavor.
Earl's Faux - a very good flavored large pink potato leaf variety.
Polish - a really good and productive large pink.
Omar's Lebanese - A huge red tomato that is well worth growing.
Mortgage Lifter Red - This one has some tolerance to Verticillium and Fusarium. It makes huge fruits with decent flavor.

You can get seed of most of these at tomatogrowers

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I grew Pink Brandywines and Mortgage Lifters this past year and was very impressed with the ML. Flavor was there and the fruits were large. Both are indeterminate.

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