WANTED: Tropical hibiscus seeds Please

nature_farmer(z5b IL.)January 21, 2007

I was looking in Logee's,wow I need a tropical hibiscus...Please look at my trade page...Thanks

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rose_hip(Z9.5 FL.)

Hey N.F., We can send you a nice Trop Hibiscus(igal)plus several different cuttings too.We collect colored folige plants Tropicals and Exotics, and some of everything else too... We have many of the other plants your looking for too.(check our list) It's not up to date yet(only about half of what we now grow...) but it's a good start. This weekend I can go over your lists and compare our have's and want's. A few of the others we have for ya- Begonias(Rex, and Angelwing)
Blue Ginger,OGR's too, Marchessa Bochella(1yr rooted)Lamarne 2yr plant(still small though),Boganvilla's, and on, and on... Looking for interesting Perenials, no Roses.
well hope to here back from you, Happy Gardening, Terry.

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virgiebaby165(z6 WNY)

I have some Tropical Hibiscus abelmoschus-"Sunset" seeds, Confederate Rose, 3 Colors; Confederate Rose, 1 Color (unknown color) to trade.

Also the following Hardy Hibiscus for your present zone:

H.H. "Luna Blush" (my own seeds--can send photo), H.H. "Red", H.H. Mixed Mallow-Perennial both from this year's trade.

PLMK if you might like to trade for your Crazy Daisy, Echanacea-Razzmatazz, and 6" pink Echanacea.
Ginny E-Mail: vlbarber4725@yahoo.com

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