lousiana purple pod pole beans

mcleod(8a)November 14, 2009

Anyone else grow this pole bean? It is the only "green" bean that I allow in my garden and has been for over thirty years.

Here's my story on this pole bean;

Dad always grew the rattlesnake bean (a fine bean in it's own right) but one year was persuaded to grow the purple pod by a friend and was warned to be careful with it. Not knowing what to be careful about he planted it just as he would the rattlesnake bean, three 100' rows of it just like the three rows of rattlesnake that he planted that year as insurance. We canned ALOT for winter since Daddy had three big eating boys to raise.

Well, we found out what "be careful" was all about. The purple pod came up out of the ground running and didn't quit until hard frost. They were ahead of the rattlesnake by two weeks and out produced four to one. I don't think we picked a single rattlesnake bean that year and we were hauling purple pods out by the trash can full. Neither Dad nor I have planted a rattlesnake bean since, oh and he switched from three rows to one.

BTW, the purple pod is way more than production the taste is the very best. I eat them raw as I pick them.

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Not going to throw down on em, LPP are decent. If you get a chance, give Blue Marbut a try. I also enjoy the really old half runner types, but they are VERY hard to find. Most places sell the 'improved' half runners that taste bad and are fibrous. Another good one for the south but hard to find seed is Alabama #1. It has the best nematode tolerance I've seen.

One note re Rattlesnake, it is a highly productive bean under good conditions, but has problems with a few soil types. It is not a good choice for northern climates but is good in the deep south U.S.

You could try Fortex if you want to grow one of the really long newer types of beans that are useful for fillet beans. If you want one of the really good mountain heirloom beans strictly for fresh snaps, give Tobacco Worm a try.


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