Pruning purple sage??

heavenlyfarm(zone 6b)March 26, 2014


Okay I have two patches of purple sage that I love but both have given me problems the past year! The herb garden at the front of my house is the location of my oldest sage. Its started to be where only the top parts of the stalks have new fresh lush growth and the bottom parts are just woody with no leaves or anything. Last year, I tried to prune out the really bad stalks but am wondering this year how to handle it? Can I cut it back to about ground level to help rejuvenate it so it doesn't look gnarled and old? or am I better off, just pulling it out and replacing with seedlings or cuttings?

A little side garden in the back of my house also had purple sage but it is relatively new and looked spindly last year. Can I prune it back now to produce bushier plants this year?
Thanks :)

P.S. This is my first year, really trying hard to make everything look great and spectacular in my garden so any help is appreciated!!

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If you can possibly help it, don't pull it out and replace it with seedlings. Sage is all about the roots. I know I'm coming from a very different climate than Pennsylvania, but here one can get away with a seriously vicious pruning and get an improved plant in just a few months. However lopping it down to the ground is asking for a dead plant. Avoid too much water.

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