They all rotted!!

ppetropuloNovember 20, 2012

I'm so disappointed! I spent all summer growing these beautiful heirloom sugar pie pumpkins, butternuts, and some other type of mini. pumpkin, and they all rotted!! I put them outside, in a shaded, cool place, but every last one of them has rotted down to nothing!! I'm so freaking angry!!!!!! A whole lot of work for nothing.:( Ugghhh!! Sorry about this, since it really isn't a question, but I needed to fume to someone who would understand why this is so disappointing!!

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That's awful. I don't blame you for being disappointed. Your id doesn't say what zone you are in. I'm in central NH so I wait until the vines show signs of dying. The stems should be starting to shrink up. I put them inside to finish drying. It might be too humid/wet outside. Right now mine are in plastic milk crates in the garage. They will do better in a cooler place.

I think certain varieties are better keepers. I remember my in-law used to be lucky to have a buttercup squash last until Christmas. I've since discovered Confection (Johnny's) which I think is in the kabocha family. For a butternut type I had very good luck with a Penn Dutch long neck from Bakers Creek. I might have the name wrong. Definitely a butternut type with a very long neck.

Hope you have better luck next year. Maybe a neighbor can give you some tips appropriate for your zone.

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(live and learn) I live in Colorado, in the foot hills. I waited until the vines had died on almost all the pumpkins, but then we were supposed to get a really big snow, so I went out and gathered everything I could. They were inside for about 3 days, but then I put them out on the front porch. Its shaded though and it was relatively cool, so I thought they'd be fine. Guess I know for next time!

The butternuts you mentioned sounded good too. I'll have to look into them! Thanks!

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