Wire fence for backyard of 1920 Bungalow

Jane Hardy - TennesseeNovember 15, 2000

I am looking for wire fencing that was used as backyard fencing around 1920 - 1970 (a rough guess).

It may be called welded wire fence. However, this name may be inaccurate.

The fence is made of wire slightly thicker than a coathanger that is welded together creating rows and columns of rectangles measuring approximately 4" high by 2" wide. At the top of the fence, the perpendicular wires extend up above the highest horizontal wire, then loop over, and go down again, making small arches along the top of the fence.

I am determined to replace the same damaged fence in our 1920 Bungalow's backyard with this "period" fence. I'm hoping to find it in 48" to 72" heights, or anywhere in between.

Here are my questions:

1. What is the real name of the fence I am describing, so that I can search the Web for manufacturers?

2. Where might I find it, or who might I contact who might know where I can find it?

I would appreciate any recommendations!

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Clare(z6 MO)

It is sometimes called "rabbit fencing." I have a variation of it in my yard with my 1910 house. My newer neighbors all replace it when they move in. I think it's charming and a shame to get rid of it if it still serves its purpose.

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Chris Wolfe - 6b PA

I am in the process of planning the garden for my 1910 fence. If you find out about this, will you let me know? What about gates?


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Jennifer(5 MI)

Did you ever locate an outlet to obtain that "old" fencing ;that some call rabbit fencing? I sure would appreciate your help. THANKS

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Nina Koziol 5

It's called a Crimped Wire Fence and was used well into the 1940s. Check out a book called "Between Fences" edited by Gregory K. Dreicer, and published by the Princeton Architectural Press for The National Building Museum.

Also try americanfenceassoc.com

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Pam 4

Hi I too am looking for that type of wire fencing I have been told that they don't make it anymore but I just saw a recent Home and Garden show on Cable where they made a New garden fence and it was coated also..... how ever HGTV didn't know where to get the product...they recomended looking for it on line at www.google.com ..if anyone knows where to buy it in the USA please let me know I really would love that type of fence it would go very well with my 1900 home

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Karen_1(z6 TN)

I would go to one of the old house web sites, such as oldhousechronicle.com and post your question there, someone might have some information for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old House Chronicle

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aconway(3b AB Canada)

I think the easiest way to find it would be to approach the landlord of an ill-maintained rental and offer to buy it. They probably don't care about it, and will be glad for the profit. And you will save an irreplacable fence!

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Cherry DuLaney

I've been searching high and low for the old-fashioned DOUBLE LOOP ORNAMENTAL FENCE material. I've located a few sources depending on where you are in the country:
1.American Fence & Supply Co, www.AFence.com/fence (with photos)
2.Davis Wire Corp, www.daviswire.com/products/ag/ (they don't show a photo, just the specs under CF&I Brand Ornamental Fence - 100 Foot Rolls)
3. Hutchison (with photos) at www.hutchison-inc.com/fence/hiwc11.html

I also found a couple of Australian sources.
Happy fencing! Cherry DuLaney

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I realize I'm coming in on this really late, but do these fences come in colors? Are there matching gates???

I grew up in a house built in the 1940's with one of these fences and it was red. I have a older bungalow now and this would be perfect!

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I found an old gate that matches the double loop wire fence at a flea market over the weekend. It was taller than what I'm looking for, but otherwise perfect.

There appears to be heavy demand for these gates. When is someone going to make reproductions? Someone is already making miniature reproductions of these gates in at least two different sized that I have seen in shops and at the flea market. I also saw the reproduction fencing at the flea market.

If anyone knows of reproductions gates 36 inches to 42 inches or so, PLEASE let me know!!!

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I'd like to thank you all for this posting. I too was looking for this fencing. And, from this message string I learned that I was not the only one wanting it. That in itself gave me the confidence to try harder to find it. And, it was nice to know what it was actually called (regardless that nobody else recognized the name anyway). Anyway, a few months after reading your post I was actually able to find a roll of it at the local scrap yard. After some sweet talking I was able to get the guys to pull it out of a mile high scrap pile of bedsprings & wire and sell it to me for $10! Now, I have to find out how to install it and what to use for posts. I THINK this type of fence might require some kind of mechanical "stretching". Does anybody know? (or know of a link or forum where I might find out? Again, thanks fpr all the info!

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Barbara_Schwarz(z9 CA)

Here you go....remebered seeing an advertisement in Old House Journal. The price is pretty reasonable as well!


Here is a link that might be useful: Try this link for your iron fence

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I also was looking for the double loop wire fence and thanks to everyone here was able to find it. I am really interested in any ideas on fence posts and gates that would go with this fencing. I have a wire arch that has a lovely old rose over it that I need to incorporate with a fence and gate and I want to use the ornamental wire for the fence but are regular fence posts,4x4, to heavy and bulky? Does anyone know or have pictures of what they used to use when this fencing was readily availably?

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Wire Fence email
Fall, 2003

Please excuse my lengthy note below, which I have written to provide all the information I have found for anyone who is considering a wire fence.
My best,

This link may be helpful:


We ordered the fence from:
Hutchison calls it Ornamental Fence. From the Website:
An old favorite, this Class 1 galvanized wire fencing dresses up the yard or garden and helps keep out pests.
ï· Specification A-11 (Double Loop)
ï· Specification B-11 (Single Loop)
ï· Flower

How I did it: I put up round (cylindrical) galvanized metal posts used in today's chain link fencing (from Home Depot or Lowes). Original fences that I've found use the the smaller diameter posts. I hung the wire fence on the posts by wrapping it - difficult to stretch, so we used a fence stretching tool with three hooks to do this (ask at hardware store). I also found several feet of original rusted fencing which I cut up and inserted into the center of new Home Depot gates, replacing the shiny chain-link panels. When I drove around Nashville and studied old gates and fences, I learned that the middle of each of them was simply a panel of fencing. The wires on each side were twisted around each side of the metal gate frame.
I topped each fence post with a small wooden globe finial from the curtain rod department at Home Depot. Then, I carefully studied the coloring of real rusted fence posts. To pull it all together I spray painted (Rustoleum) all the gray galvanized metal (and wooden finials) with different shades of brown and rust to make it all look like rusted fencing.
The finishing touch will be for me to mix very fine sand with two rust-colored Benjamin Moore outdoor paints, matte finish, and sponge it on to give it a rough texture and greater variety of paint colors. I've planted shrubs close to the fence to disguise it further.
I'm really pleased with the way it has turned out so far. Fits right in to our 1920's neighborhood. I'm convinced that it is a bargain - very low maintenance for the next 50 years or so!
I've even tricked a few neighbors into thinking I had put up a rusted fence!
From Nina Koziol, landscape designer and writer:
It's called a Crimped Wire Fence and was used well into the 1940s.
Check out a book called 'Between Fences' edited by Gregory K. Dreicer, and published by the Princeton Architectural Press for The National Building Museum.

"Nina Koziol"
To: "Jane C. Hardy"
Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2001 12:04 AM
Subject: Re: Wire fence for backyard of 1920 Bungalow
I teach landscape design history among other horticulture and design
Classes for the Chicago...

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I have a fence also made with the new/old wire. We put it up in July. I used painted treated wooden posts with finials and it turned out well.

As for the gates, you can have them custom-made with your wire fence or atleast that is what I did. My gates are aluminum and look like the old-fashioned kind. The cost was exactly the same as if I'd purchased an old gate on E-Bay or from a local antique store ($65/for a 3 ft. by 42" tall gate).--I know this because I priced them. I purchased my gate topper separately from www.decorativeiron.com and had it welded on--The welding was included in the $65.00 price of the gate.

I would load a picture of it, but it doesn't look like this forum has that option.

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Good morning, Red Thistle,
I couldn't find the gate topper on the website. Please let us know where it is in the website. Sounds great!

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Hi Jane,

Once at www.decorativeiron.com, click on "Forged Steel" and then click on "Gate/Rail Tops." I posted that my gates were aluminum, but I guess they were steel because I don't believe you can weld aluminum to steel or vice-versa.

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Sharwa(z7a/6b TN)

I want to send a big THANK-YOU!! to the gal that started this thread. I also was wishing I could find some of that same fencing and found EXACTLY what I was looking for at the American Fence link above.

We also have an old house and if I should live so long as to get the re-construction finished I wanted to plant a "cottage/heirloom" garden. I had found some of that old double loop fencing tacked to an old gate behind one of our barns and lamented that they probably didn't make it any longer. Apparently "ask and ye shall recieve" and the fencing company heard us.

Carol in Southern middle TN

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windsurfgirl(Z6 OK)

I've always loved that fence too! Oh wow, I'm making note of the American Fence. I've got to have some of that wire fence too! Thanks everyone for the info.


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Clare(z6 MO)

In the years since this thread began, I have seen this fencing at Home Depot, so if you want to get it without internet order or mailorder, you might be able to get it locally. (I still see rolls of it turning up in my city alleys, too, as people replace it with other fencing.)

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Thanks for all this wonderful information. I was describing this fencing yesterday at a True Value hardware store (I'm running out of places to look). I was describing this as Grandma fencing........ Thanks so much for supplying me with the correct name and the bonus web addresses for suppliers. I want to use this wonderful fencing to divide my back yard into rooms...... THANK YOU again, Sassy

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jninejc(z9, N.CA)

You all have been very helpful!!!! We have 4 original gates with the double loop fencing, that I got from my grandparents and we are using them in various locations on the property. We are building a fenced garden area and would like to use the fence in addition to the gate, so I went looking and found this thread. I too thought I saw the fence at Home Depot once so I will go look there one more time before I order it online.

Does anyone know what kind of gate latches were originally used with these gates? I want to try to be as true to the way things were done, but we only have the gates and no latches. Any pics or descriptions anyone could offer would be SOOO appreciated!!!!


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glen_or_linda(5 SE Idaho)

I am so tickled to have found this thread. We have been four different places, two lumber yards, a farm and ranch store and a feed store looking for this fence. It is going to look wonderful in the front of our old 1913 Bungalow. THANKS GUYS!!


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chalmer31(z4 MN)

Thanks for the info on how you installed your fence. How far apart were your posts? My husband thinks we should go every 6 feet, I'm hoping for 8.

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jninejc(z9, N.CA)

An update that may help some of you, I was able to find a store with the double and single loop. We bought the double, 100 ft for $162.00..kind of pricy but the look it has put into my garden is well worth it. Hutchison Inc was where I went, http://www.hutchison-inc.com I filled out the inquiry and the Colorado office emailed me back the next day with the information on where I could buy it. It was a farm supply that had it so maybe some of you have that type of store can look there. We mounted ours on wooden post and 2x4 cross posts, since I had some salvaged decorative wood posts that we wanted to use to mount the gate on. Good luck to all finding it and I just love the fact that people are going back to the old things, or at least remakes of the old! :-)

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jennierush(z5 Michigan)

Oh, how happy I am that I found you! I have also been looking for that fab fencing! (around here we call it "Old Detroit Fencing") Now I am looking for a resource for old or repro wooden fence posts. The posts were round, with a big acorn-like top. The acorn would be painted white, and the rest of the post would be green. We have old pictures of my husband as a kid in the backyard with this kind of fence (back when many of the neighborhoods in Detroit were still thriving). We too have a 1916 arts&crafts inspired home, and this would be just the ticket for the backyard. If anyone has any ideas I would be forever grateful!

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jeannet(z5 Michigan)

I would LOVE to see some photos of the fences you all have put up: I am thinking of building one this summer, and really need some inspiration. I like the idea of putting it on wooden posts with cross bars, but I'm having a hard time picturing it......

If people wanted to email me photos and descriptions of how they built their fences and gates, I'd try to put together a web page on it. Anyone interested in showing off?

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I have been looking everywhere for this fence and, short of stealing it out of a backyard where it looks underappreciated, I've gone to great lengths to obtain some. I could not afford the shipping from the west to Virginia to buy new so I salvaged some out of a yard where it was being replaced with a big ole privacy fence. I got cedar posts from a friend's farm. I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome of my project! I'd be happy to send photos to anyone...

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Flowerkitty(Z6 or Z5 SE MI)

Wish I had a camera. My neighbor across the street has this fence on his property. On very weathered round wood posts with the acorn on top. He told me he will never take it down because city code has changed. If he replaces this fence the new fence has to be set way back from the road. His current fence closer to the road is much more 'country'. The modern set back fence is more 'suburban'. I grew up with this fence in Detroit. I love it. The posts were typically painted green. We also painted the wire occasionally - usually green too. It brings back such good memories, along with the hollyhocks, pansies, tulips, and sweet peas growing on the wire. I am glad to find this thread too.

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We are trying to find the finials that were used on the twisted wire fencing...for the posts obviously...you see alot of the finials used on the old cemeteries that have the double loop fences.....anyone know of a source for the finials that will fit in a round post?

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fikarzoo(#1 Western Maryland)

The fencing I believe you are inquiring about is called Ornamental Loop Fencing. My husband and I had also been serching for this fence for a few years. We did find it eventually at a website for "A1 fencing" or just type inthe name of the fence on your serch area and they will come up there also. Good Luck!

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I am fortunate enough to know an older gentlemen who has approximately 200' to 300' of this style ornamental double loop wire fencing. This fence is probably from the early to mid-twenties and has a beautiful natural patina, acquired by age. It is not rusted; there are some isolated spots which have white paint but this can be easily removed. It is located in a very arid part of Texas. This fence is still standing on an abandoned home site and has to be removed. The height is 3' to 4' (I have not yet measured it). If anyone is interested, e-mail me and make offer. My digital camera is not working or I would have included pictures. If you prefer, you can call me at 432-661-6017.

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Hope this will meet your needs. Even though I'm pretty tech savvy, it took countless hours of searching to find a single current source of a suitable fence for my 1915 Queen Anne. I've since learned it's called by a variety of names: rainbow, twisted wire, ornamental loop, arch top, and scallop top. If I save but one renovator the tragedy of settling for no fence at all or even worse the wrong kind of fence, it will be worth it.

My source found today? louispage.com

Some of the links from elsewhere have not panned out. Limited service area, no longer made, etc. But I found this one today and am just thrilled with it. Even if I'll have to rob my two dogs' piggy bank for the funds.

It will cost around $300 for a 100' roll, I think. Not cheap but far from the expense of a steel, aluminum, or wrought iron outfit. It comes in 32" and 48", if I recall. Shipping can cost up to $150 per order to a private residence, so if you don't need a whole roll it might be nice to split the cost with another person. At the very least don't order one roll at a time!

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I had a similar style fence at my old house (built around the same time, and a bungalow type). I fell in love with it. The source that I have located and have emailed and talked to them, though it has been a couple of years, is Hutchinson Fence company. They're on the internet and call it "ornamental fence."
They sell single and double loop fence in 3 heights. This year may be my year to order it to go around my garden at my new house (double is excellent at keeping out rabbits, as I found at my old house). I've been biding my time while expanding the garden gradually, but am tired of looking at the mass produced/easy to buy at Home Depot/Lowes UGLY hardware cloth type fencing. They do the job, but are so very ugly and totally characterless! Hope this helps.

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Wow was I excited to find this link on Google....I came across the fence at an auction.Someone else was bidding on 2 rolls of fencing, one cattle fence, one the garden fence. The man knew I wanted the garden fence but not the cattle fence, so he GAVE it to me. I have seen it used in garden books for different applications and thought I could use it somewhere in my garden. I didn't realize that there were other sources for the fence. My grandmother had it along her property line between neighbors. It kept snall critters out, but yet you could still be neighbot=rly over the short fence. i can't wait to use mine. Best to all!

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memo(Zone 4B Nebraska)

It's quite spectacular that this thread has been running for over 6 years now. WOW!

I have two old loop wire gates from our rural community cemetary. The entire fence was replaced with chain link if you can imagine. The hasps that the gates latched to on the opposing poles are long gone. I could fabricate something to keep the gates shut with but would prefer at least a reproduction of the need hasp. Has anyone found a source for such hardware?


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Hello,I too am looking for some of this fence...my problem is that I only need about 20 feet of it and my hubby doesn't want a 100 foot roll. Is there anyone looking to sell about 20 feet of it? We are in Canada, and will (undoubtly) pay the shipping costs on top of the price of the fence. Hope you can help as it looks like I won't be able to find any in Canada. my email is dvon@telus.net

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Yipee! I NEVER could have imagined finding an almost 7 year old forum dedicated to locating the exact fence I've been searching for for THREE YEARS!! Thank you all. Wow. I'm so happy. My one acre backyard is fenced in on two sides with this very fence, but for some reason the third side had old, rotted picket. I really wanted to finish side three to match the original and now it looks like it will happen. I was about to give up and resort to chain link.
And to the previous poster, I need more than 100' but less than 200', so maybe we can work something out.

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We bought a big 1880 Victorian (converted to Tudorbethan in the 30's) in Connecticut two years ago that has a single-loop woven wire fence running along the driveway. It is in a terrible condition of disrepair (probably 100 years old!) The upright posts (smaller than current chain link posts - maybe two inches in diameter), filials on the posts, and horizontal 'rails' are still in good, but rusty condition. We are hoping to find someone who can provide and install new fencing for us. But if we can't, thanks to everyone who gave us hope in actually finding the fence. When we're done, we'll send before and after pictures.

Wish I could say we could share, but we'll be needing almost 200' on our own. Although we'll know better in a week or two, so perhaps we'll have some left as well!

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I just lost my original 1940's gate to an overzealous landscaper who apparantly thought is was garbage. At the site is some of the double loop wire fencing. I saw a 2003 post by Redthistle who said she (or he) had a fence made from the fencing . I am considering doing just that, but am not sure how to use the rusty fence with a new frame. Also, do the new frames have the same diameter as the old frames?
Who would I go to in my town to find a good frame like this, and who to construct it?
What a surprise to see a 7 year old forum!

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We love the look of this old-fashioned ornamental double loop fencing, and have been looking for a source of this fencing for our home. Only catch, we can only find galvanized fencing in North America, while we're able to find the coloured version in Australia (and in fences around some of the older homes in Calgary!) Does anyone know of a supplier in North America who manufacturers coloured double loop ornamental fencing?

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can anyone please post photos of their loop wire fence?

does it make a sturdy fence? i haven't found anyone who sells locally to see it in person.

looking to make a "friendly" front yard fence to keep kids out of the yard.

think its possible to make a driveway gate out of the loop wire? trying to come up with the proper framing- wood or the chain link framing.

please post your fence photos!

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If anyone is still reading this thread -- and is still interested -- I have two rolls of vintage double loop fencing would like to sell. Will send pics, and make an attempt to gauge their length. Each roll is very heavy, but the fencing is in good nick, surface rust, and occasional flecks of paint, but not rusted out. Am in west-central Illinois, if you're interested and would like to avoid shipping costs.

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redbirds(8b La)

This forum helped me search for my own fencing! I hadn't checked it in so long, and thought my photos might help those trying to install one for themselves.

As far as sturdiness, I think it is approximately as sturdy as chain link and a heck of a lot more attractive. We put ours up in Spring of 2006 and have really enjoyed it.

My husband made the gates from scratch from chain link top rail (1 1/4 inch?). I don't remember a lot of cursing, I think it was a fairly simple project. I believe he considered making the gates from wood and decided they would be too heavy.

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I just ran across the postings on the decorative loop wire fencing. I have a roll of about 10 or more feet. Mine is heavier wire than the new look-alikes. It came from my parents' front yard, about 1960 and dates to the '20s. It's in good shape, old of course. If interested send an email for more information. Jims.garden@hotmail.com.

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Happy2BeeME(4a NH)

Like you I have been watching this for quite some time. Thank you for the wonderful pictures. I was wondering how it would look with the wood posts, I love it.


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lauralei23, I would be interested in your vintage double loop fencing, but I'm not sure how to get in touch with you.

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I, too, have been looking for this fence for 2 years - I did not know the name and could never find it. I had some that was too damaged to keep in the backyard of my 1917 bungalow. I was spurred again to start the so-far fruitless internet search when I saw an article in the March 2008 issue of "cottageLiving" magazine. There is an article which shows a few pretty detailed pictures of the double-loop version of the fencing with wooden rails and posts... Of course, when I looked for sources in the back of the magazine there were NONE... I was so glad to find this!! I looked on the cottageliving.com website but no pics there... So if anyone wants to see pics of the fence and the BEAUTIFUL gardens behind it buy the issue!!

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Kurt(z3 BC Canada)

Lauralei, I am also in west central Ill but a little north. Do you still have the wire fence? Where are you located?



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I have 80' x 4' of the vintage double loop wire fencing and one 4' gate for sale. Originally the fencing was white. Now is rustic white.

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jdgreenconst-I'm very interested in the loop wire fencing, is it still available? where are you located & how much do you want for it? I'm in Michigan

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jdgreenconst - Hi I am also very interested in the vintage doulbe loop wire fencing you have for sale. Would you please let me know if it is still available? I am located in Northern California. Thanks.

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I just had this type of fence installed. Purchased it online at http://arusticgarden.com/fenforallsce.html Although I don't have a cottage, I love the fence in my front yard.

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In the turn-of-century lakeside cottages of Melrose Bay FL, this fencing is used with concrete fenceposts. The still standing posts are four sided, rebar reinforced. They are graduated in size from top to bottom, and blunted on the top. The gates are usually inside wooden arbors. I like that this fencing does not really interrupt the landscape visual. It is really quite charming.

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I read through every post here. You guys sure persevered and seems like pretty much everybody got answers for their questions. I figured surely my answer would be somewhere in those six years of exchanges.....but, alas, it wasn't! So I'm still plugging and, if anyone is still out there, here's my question:

Does anyone know where I learn the art of creating looped wire work? I want to learn the basic techniques of fashioning the wire into this style so that I can make a fence or gate or trellis and become an artisan of this lovely heirloom decor style. I have all the knowledge and experience to obtain the correct supplies and construct, but have no idea what the technique is for looping and fashioning various decorative elements. I realize today's looped fences are factory made, but there's got to be somebody who knows how they did them by hand back in the day....

I'm crossing my fingers....! JULIA RILEY, Dallas

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Like many of you, I'm looking for this type of fencing for my front lawn. We have an early 1900's Acadian cottage in south Louisiana, and this fence would be perfect for it. A neighbor down the street has an ancient fence just like this, and I fell in love with it. Unfortunately, she's not replacing it. If anyone near here (or not so near here) is interested in selling theirs, I'm looking for between 150' and 200'. In fact, I'd be willing to start with as little as 50'. Please contact me if you're interested!

    Bookmark   March 6, 2009 at 10:20PM
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I'm looking for 200' of the 36" double loop wire fence.
It looks like I will need to import it from the U.S. into Canada. Has anyone found a source in Ontario?

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I was surprised to see others have been in search of this fencing for some time - not just me! With this much interest one would think a supplier would have been located by now. Well, let me know if anyone hears anything. I am trying to come up with a plan that will provide some privacy and noise break from the busy highway we can nearly spit on. While nothing is really going to help, at least a fence would make it look prettier!

    Bookmark   April 23, 2009 at 1:34AM
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Hi there-
I just received my double loop ornamental fence from Hutchison fence. There is a website. (I just googled double loop ornamental fence and it came up). I ordered it over the phone. I live in California and the nearest supplier I could get was in Colorado. It cost $80.00 to ship. (Weighed 120 pounds)

It comes in 36", 42" and 48" rolls of 100 feet. The 36 and 42 inch can be shipped by UPS ground so it is cheaper.

They were very nice folks to deal with. Their number is 1-800-525-0121.

My fence is for a memory garden-my grandma had fence like this in the back of her house. Its a splurge but some folks spend $100 on a bottle of wine-I just spend it on shipping a fence. :)

Hope this helps.

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Can anyone tell me where to buy this fencing around Milwaukee? Thank You!

    Bookmark   July 13, 2009 at 4:22PM
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I am looking for a supplier in Georgia for this fencing. It was used in my area of Western North Carolina during the 1950's. All of the old cottages had this fencing. I would love to use in around my flower garden in the back of my house. My English setter loves to over turn my flower pots and dig holes looking for mice or moles. Any help would be appreciated.

    Bookmark   March 24, 2010 at 4:54PM
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I've found the fence thanks to this forum! Now, I'm looking for posts and a few gates. I live in Frederick, MD, where this fence type is very common. The original posts here seem to be a round metal post with a spherical finial. The posts have a single vertical row of hooks similar to a T-post. The hooks hold up the fence. Does anyone have a source for such posts? Does anyone have original posts or gates that they would like to sell? If so, then please contact me at k8mccnnll@gmail.com.

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jannie(z7 LI NY)

I grew up in Buffalo NY in a house definitely built around 1920. It had an aluminum chain-link fence. I always assumed it was put up when the house was. Just a furst-hand observation.

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Karen Thurman

We have 42" fencing, about 300', a gate and the round bar that was along the top from my Mother's house built in 1947. I believe it is the fencing you are talking about. Please email if you are interested.

Karen Thurman

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I'm very interested in finding 150 yards or so of wire loop fence for my backyard. I have found it on a couple manufacturer's websites, but they are located far from Ohio and the shipping costs double the price of the fence! Before I invest in shipping, I wonder if anyone has some they'd like to sell? Thanks!

    Bookmark   July 14, 2011 at 5:54PM
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Does anyone know of a distributer in Canada...we live in southern ontario and would love to get my hands on this product!

    Bookmark   October 5, 2011 at 3:04PM
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We have this fencing in the backyard of our 1920s bungalow, and I am desperate to be rid of it. It is overgrown with vines and weeds. I try to control the overgrowth, but I have been unable to, and it is murder to get vines out of this fencing. Do you think there are people that would be interested in original fencing like this that is pretty rusted? I wasn't sure if it was salvageable, but I would hate to dispose of something that people would actually want. It's about 100 feet of original crimped wire fencing. We live in the Saint Louis area. I don't want any money for it, I just want it out!

    Bookmark   February 22, 2012 at 5:48PM
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ralleia(z5 Omaha, NE)

I'd consider putting it on Craigslist or Freecycle. Someone might be willing to come out and tear it out, even for just scrap metal value.

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I know this thread is really old, but it looks like people are still referring back to it. I have located where to buy new ornamental fencing but was wondering if anyone out there had some used that they would either like to sell or give away for the labor of taking it down. I am located in West Texas (south of Abilene) and don't mind driving within two hours to find this fencing for our yard. We have a 19 month old and am in desperate need of fencing to contain him and I love the look of the old double loop fencing. I am interested in finding two of the gates to go with it as well. Thanks so much!

    Bookmark   May 23, 2012 at 2:57PM
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I am looking for vintage double loop fence. If anyone out there has some for sale, please contact me. I need 25' to 50'.

    Bookmark   February 12, 2013 at 8:03PM
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I have some available in Austin, Texas. Old sears brand.

Have 130' of double loop. Not continuous though. Largest length is 60'.

(2) entry gates(32" and 38") and
(2) 10' gates

Contact via email

waterloogeneralstore at gmail dot com

(sorry, trying to avoid spammers)

This post was edited by maxhaleys on Tue, Jul 15, 14 at 0:18

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Pat Taylor, Inc.

I work in historic preservation and have collected rolls of wire loop fencing and gates over the years. I'm really drawn to the stuff. I grew up with this style of fencing in our neighborhood and surrounding area, absolutely beautiful. Thanks for carrying the conversation forward.

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alameda/zone 8

I just happened upon this thread, and I too love this fencing - researched it to find it in Texas and here is what I came up with - hope this helps someone!


Three Convenient Locations to Serve You

6612 Harborside Dr.
Galveston, TX
409-741-0196 (fax)

Galveston, TX

2215 IH 45
League City, TX
281-554-2592 (fax)

Houston, TX Area

3501 N. IH 35
Georgetown, TX
512-930-4002 (fax

    Bookmark   March 10, 2015 at 9:57PM
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