WANTED: White and Pink Turk's Cap (Turban) Malvaviscus Arboreus

tsmith2579(7B)May 30, 2006

I am looking for the pink and the white form of Malvaviscus arboreus; Turk's Cap or Turk's Turban hibiscus. Please see

http://images.google.com/images?svnum=10&hl=en&lr=&q=Turk%27s+cap+hibiscus+&btnG=Search. Please see my trade page.



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cathys1951(z8 GA)

Learn something new everyday! I have this and hibiscus is my favorite but didn't know this was one. Added to my collection and didn't know it.
How and where do you collect the seeds.
Thanks Cathy

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cathys1951(z8 GA)

this is a picure of mine. I was told this is a Christmas flower, because it blooms in Oct, nov till it has a couple of heavy frost.

But I also have this one but didn't know what it was, the hummingbirds just love it. It has pods on it but never found any seeds.
Is it the same family, or am I getting excited over nothing?

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Hi, Cathy. There are several types of malvaviscus Turks' Turban. Cut and paste as needed. Take a look at http://almostedenplants.com/shopping/shopdisplayproducts.asp?page=1 There are two types of red malvas in the catalog. There is just plain arboreus and arboreus drummondii, two reds of which I am aware. See
for more information.
Seeds are in the little berries. See http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&q=malvaviscus+arboreus&btnG=Search+Images. The berry usually has 5 seeds inside. Peel them when red, remove the pulpy flesh with a paper towel and dry them. When spring comes, there is no rush to plant them. They will not sprout until it is hot weather. It was May here before they sprouted in the greenhouse. Do you need some more plants? Would you like to trade?

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FYI, I've found a source for both white and pink. If interested go to www.almostedenplants.com.


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