Growing herbs together.

kamvMarch 24, 2009

I use sweet basil, garlic chives, fernlike dill and cilantro. I would like to know which of these I can put in the same container. I am so running out of room and would like to combine what I can down to less containers.



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It will need to be a very large pot indeed to take all those. It's always best to keep one plant per pot, because one will always out-compete the others.

Basil can get quite large (mine get to 1.5 metres tall and more than 2 metres around) and needs a much richer soil than any of the others; garlic chives grows into a fair sized clump and will fill a pot in no time; and you want both dill and coriander to self-seed to keep up supplies - so they're best in a large pot each by themselves.

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Chives are also a perennial, whereas the rest are annuals. They should get their own pot where they will live for years (and when you repot you'll find it's almost solid roots and little bulbs).

Dill and basil will tower over cilantro, so cilantro will also probably need it's own pot. You may be able to grow it around the base of the dill since dill lets a lot of light through, but basil has a pretty dense canopy and won't let plants under it do well. Cilantro also needs to be succession planted to provide a continuous supply, several dedicated pots (1g is fine) aught to do planted 1-2 weeks apart.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Chives as a perennial, definitely their own pot.

Basil will grow and produce throughout the entire growing season and put it in its own pot.

Cilantro and dill, if growing for the greens not the seeds, can be resown multiple times through out the season and would make the most sense to combine. Height only is a factor if you want to let the plants mature and go to seed. Most folks grow them only for the greens so I wouldn't worry about dill's height. You'll be harvesting them away long before they get mature sizes.


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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Dill and cilantro can't be grown together, because dill likes hot, and cilantro doesn't. Some dill is only 12 -16 inches tall, whereas cilantro can go to seed and be 3 feet all

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