ordered from bakercreek 4 days ago...how long?

kristie8888(zone8 TX)November 2, 2004

Bakercreek doesnt say how fast it ships seeds. I was wondering if they will take 6 weeks to get here or will they ship immediately?

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Depends on how busy they are Kristie.

I usually get an order in a couple of weeks.

But I always order what I want way before it's needed and I always wait for the new catalog/website to go out/up for the next year so I can see what the new additions might be. I do t hat with all places I order from so I'm not a year behind on "cutting edge" heirloom veggies. LOL


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Raymondo(Armidale, NSW)

I like that ... "cutting edge" heirloom veggies ... there's a name for that, isn't there, when you use an apparently contradictory combination, but my high school English is so far back that ... need I say more.
Reminds me of that Simone de Beauvoir novel Une mort très douce which is translated as An Easy Death, about her mother's death from cancer.
Oooooh! I just creeped myself out. Sorry.

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gardenlad(6b KY)

It's called an oxymoron, Raymondo.

I wouldn't consider the phrase "an easy death" to be an oxymoron. It refers to more obvious self-contradictions, such as "jumbo shrimp."

Getting back on topic, Baker Creek usually is one of the faster responders. But, Kristie, 4 days is hardly long enough for the order to get there, let alone for the seed to have been shipped.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

"cutting edge" heirloom veggies. LOL

Get with it you two.

I'm referring to newly listed varieties I've not seen before and you both know it and are just trying to make trouble. LOL

Kristie, where you live also dictates how fast seeds get back to you in addition to the exact place you order from.

Where I live the fastest is always Harris and Johnny's and Stokes, all three being here in the East. I always phone in orders and those two have had seeds in my hands in 2 -3 days.


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Careful Carolyn, I have a bunch of racing snails that just love trouble! They go out of their way to exercise indulgent parsimmony. I just think of them as pessimistic extroverts.


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Raymondo(Armidale, NSW)

Thank you GardenLad, an oxymoron. Wonderful. This thread has given me a good chuckle!
And Kristie, I've only ever had good experiences ordering from Baker Creek, and I'm many thousands of miles away. They have a nice melon selection, don't you think?

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Yes she thinks!!

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Raymondo(Armidale, NSW)

Maybe it's my Aussie English!

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phade(z6 NY)

Are you talking about Harris Seeds based in Rochester? I was just wondering if we are talking the same company.

Many of the "locals" here have had some pretty bad service through them at times, and feel it is like playing the lotto or some other chance game when it comes to their seeds. I had not experienced this until last year, but will give them another shot this coming one.

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maineman(z5a ME)


Harris Seeds currently has an 86% Positive rating on the Garden Watchdog, which is pretty good.


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