HAVE: Rose of Sharon cuttings/how do you harvest seeds?

heirloomkeepsakes(CALIF 9 or 10)September 4, 2006

I'm in Orange County CALIF. Near Disneyland - if anyone wants cuttings. Will not ship. If you can tell me how to locate/harvest seeds - will send seeds with SASE.

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msprettyky(Z6 KY)

Our rose of sharon has seed pods on it. They kinda look like a green acorn. Pick the pods and pop them open. Should be lots of seeds inside! Good luck

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I have the same question, is the pod supposed to be brown? Because everytime I go to a bush to see the pods, they are all green and I break them open and the seeds are pretty moist and white.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Rose of Sharon seed pods, if left the proper amount of time, will eventually turn brown and even start to split. Even when they split, they don't readily release the seeds.

Some varieties, most doubles, will produce what looks like seed pods, but there won't be any seeds in them. My double red, double white, and light pink with maroon specks produce pods with no seeds. My double lavender does however produce pods with seeds. There are a lot fewer seeds in the double lavender than there are in any of the pods from the single ones.

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The seeds must fall, those darn things pop up like weeds in my garden area. One tree is enough.

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BlaznDragn(9 TX)

Whenever you see a pod that is green you need to put a mesh bag around it or you could do a ziplock bag and tie it on so the seeds will drop where you can collect them.


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Does anyone have seeds for postage?

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