WANTED: yellow confederate rose double

gloria_j(z8tx)October 6, 2005

do i ask for much or what? does any one have any seeds of the yellow confederate rose? i want it double ,if i dare ask...


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I think the yellow CR is like the Holy Grail, Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowman. People talk about them, people claim to have seen them but no one has one. I will apologize profusely to anyone can prove one exists. The best proof will be to send me cuttings so I can see for myself. The only yellow perrenial type hibiscus I have seen is "Ol' Yella" which I don't believe is classified as hibiscus mutablilis (Confederate rose).


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Terry...I have seen them and I found a place online to order them...after much searching.

winona :)

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lady_6(z6 KY)

Would you give us the address of the web site, I would love to get some seeds if possible.


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