Do you grow your herbs indoors or out?

mangomoonMarch 19, 2009

I wondered how many of you grow your herbs indoors and or outdoors or combination of both? Personally, I have found that my oregano thrives beautifully outdoors and the insects do not bother it, however, my basil and thyme do better indoors and I have recently relocated my parsley indoors because I have found that the sun turns the leaves yellow. Anyone have any problems with this?

I have a large window seat in my kitchen and plenty of light and sun as I let it in depending on how I adjust the blinds. I am also finding that my basil is not getting 'bugged' by insects, thank goodness. Nothing worse than ugly basil.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Outside with the exception of over-wintering tender plants indoors or winter/spring seed-starting indoors. I find the plants love the natural light and conditions of the outdoors far more than indoor conditions.

Usually yellow leaves have more to do with over watering than too much sun.

And a few chew marks in leaves, as long as the plant is thriving, isn't anything bad. The basil will still taste good in your recipes! :)


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Always outside during non-frost season. In fact, I started my garlic choives about 1 & 1/2 - 2 weeks ago from last years "bulbs" and they're doing awesome. =)

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Hint about garlic. Most nurseries only sell garlic in the late summer. I believe that most garlic must winter over to form bulbs. You can use the plants for cooking and might have some small bulbs but for larger bulbs???

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Music garlic is a type that offers a single layer of big cloves. Its hard neck and is suitable for the north. Garlic is only available for planting in early fall, where it does need the winter to grow. You do have to order it early. Cut off the stiff stalks (scapes) in early summer when they emerge. If the stalks/scapes are not removed they can take away nurishment from the cloves, and the bulb ends up being much smaller. Soft neck garlic doesn't do well in Z6 or below. I have tried all kinds and Music garlic is the best I have ever planted and harvested. I also add some bone meal to the planting row prior to dropping in each clove. In spring I use a fertilizer from Dixondale which gives my garlic, onions and shallots a not more growing size. I used mostly nursery bought garlic. I had a few cloves from my batch that were also planted next to the nursery seed suppler. Usually you don't get as big a bulb of garlic if you use some from supermarket bought or from your own crop.

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I'm growing some basil I bought at a store (they sold seedlings in this little packet) indoors, it kinda tastes funny. Very little clove flavor, alot of citrusy lemon flavor. Maybe it's not getting enough sun?

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Could be lemon basil :) Mislabeled maybe?

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Yea it could be. It was just labeled "basil", and I found it at the local Giant, so I didn't think they would be selling lemon basil instead of regular basil. Oh well

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

I don't bother buyiong plants much anymore. The last experience I had was with brussles sprout plants which grew in to nice big cabbages. Also had mislabled tomatoes. Now all my vegetables and flower seeds are started indoors in a couple of weeks. Basil has many leafe sizes, colors and smells/flavors. One of the best I found is Genovese, which is a short bushy type and is slow to bolt. I also tried mammoth leaf basil, with huge leaves that could be used to stuff things into, like what yuou would do with grape leaves.

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I just plant store-bough garlic. I pick the outer big cloves.
It is best to plant garlic in the fall so they can grow a little and then over winter. When spring comes they start growing bigger. In the winter you can use their leave or just pull some up and use them as green young garlic.
I have some from last fall doing great. Last spring I planted some in may or june(cannot remember exactly when)
but they all disappeared.

with basils, I grow them both from seeds and rootings from store-bought bunch. No matter what you do with basils, they will not grow much until the weather gets warmer, say when low-high average gets over 55F or so.

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

The hard neck types are much hardier for the north. Most store bought is southern soft neck. The softneck also has smaller cloves in layers. The Music varety hard neck has a single layer of big cloves. The biggest I have seen even in supermarkets. Mine was planted last fall and is now showing green shoots which will grow though to about June, when they send up a stick stalk (scape) that should be cut off. I pickle the scapes too. The garlic remains until the leaves die out, then is dug and dried several weeks in a warm place away from rain and moisture. Last summers garlic I still have a few bulbs left. I can't find Music garlic in any store, I buy mine as seed type from reputable suppliers. Its usually sold out by July, so order early!

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Garlic scape is very tasty and nice. For those not familiar with its taste, it is more mild than the bulbs but still with all the good garlicky taste!


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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

I pickle the scapes in jars and add some dill weed.

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