New Bloomers for Thursday

maximus7116(MI)July 24, 2014

DIANA COOKE TUPPENY is a 2014 intro from Curt Hanson. This is the FFO, and later flowers should have a more pronounced watermark, but I love the bright color:

Reliable ORANGE VELVET began its bloom season:


Another shot of VANILLA GORILLA, which is starting to show some curls:


And I couldn't resist another photo of RASPBERRY FLAMBE because it looked so good with the background of lilies. You'd think I planned it that way!


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Vanilla Gorilla almost has ringlets. Your photos showcase so many wonderful plant combinations (accidental or not). Thanks for sharing them.

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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

Beautiful pictures and daylilies. The new Hanson looks awesome... and Vanilla Gorilla is calling my name.

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What a big bright one is Diana! All look good, but I wonder about Eternal Warrior's performance since it's a Salter. Yes, Raspberry Flambe has the perfect background.

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Thanks Stat -- the combinations are almost always accidental! I go by the "there's a hole, fill it with a daylily" routine.

Twix, I love both new Hansons from this year. I still have one from 2013 that doesn't look like it will bloom again this year, and I was really excited about that one. I think it's time to move things around a little in the garden. I love the name Vanilla Gorilla, too.

Mantis, I've had Eternal Warrior for years, but it's been partially shaded the entire time I've grown it, so I don't think I can honestly assess its performance.

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An man, such pretty photos, Chris. I had lost the post, but knew it was here. Raspberry Flambe is beautiful with the lilies, that's for sure. No Boys Allowed is a big beautiful bloom. Love the color on Eternal Warrior. and Diana Cook Tuppeny is a gorgeous color too. I like the edge on it. Orange Velvet and the Bee Balm look beautiful together. this was a beautiful post, Chris.

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Great FFO on Hanson's new intro. Love the color. Eternal Warrior is pretty. Vanilla Gorilla is very interesting. And I really like Raspberry Flambe - lilies combo!

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shive(6b TN)

Hooray! No Boys Allowed finally bloomed for you, and it looks fabulous. I like the combos of Orange Velvet with the monarda and Raspberry Flambe with the lilies. The form of Vanilla Gorillas is exquisite, and your new Hanson is quite lovely.


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Nancy zone 6

They all look so good! I like the wide open look of DIANA COOKE TUPPENY, but No Boys Allowed is especially gorgeous. That really is a great picture of Raspberry Flambe with the lilies, so pretty.

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Thanks, Debra and Nan. The blooms on NBA are huge and the scapes are very tall. If the bud count increases, I'll be happy.

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