Simple Lavender Question?

compostworm5(9)March 2, 2014

How well does lavender grow in central Florida, in the ground? Have three plants in a bed that is apart of the house with a roof overhead. Recieves the morning, up to mid-afternoon sun. The medium is house dirt that drains well. Any success out there to speak of that has been grown in the soil? Wanting the hedge look

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I actually live in Pa. But I can tell you that you are going to do well with that kind of Soil. I water mine every other day, they do require moist soil. Don't over water but be sure that they are in moisture. Also if it get's to hot and you have not had any rain I would suggest grabbing a spray bottle and around dusk, spry them with water. Do not spray them when the sun is out, it can and will burn the plant. I hope that helps you.

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No clue here for I too am in the Frozen North. But I would opt for maybe the Spanish types that like it warmer.


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Lavender will do well until the summer heat and humidity sets in and then it will probably decline. I have some too to enjoy as long as I can.

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jimster(z7a MA)

"Wanting the hedge look"

If I understand what you are looking for, rosemary would be another possible choice. I've seen nice sheared hedges of it and it has small lavender colored flowers which are attractive. Someone else will have to tell us if it will do well in Florida but I believe it will.


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Needs really well drainging soil and some shade for summer heat ... watch it during the really wet months I mulch around mine before a bad rain to absorb the extra water .... do you know what kinda of lavender it is

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I also live in the north but during the summer of 2012, one of our hottest on record, my lavender did fine. I have many varieties, but L. 'Grosso' is my favorite.


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