Sunday Part 2

Julia NY(6)July 13, 2014

Continuing from part 1

BLACK FALCON RITUAL - just getting up to speed. Love this one.

SUBSPACE FREQUENCY - just starting


CARNIVAL IN MEXICO - another top heavy budcount.

INCA APOTHECARY - just starting.


KIPLING - surprised me this year with its openings but scapes are short. May decide to have it leave this year.

PATTERN EVOLUTION - many scapes and buds. Just started.

ACAPULCO DAZE - shorter than normal this year but lovely openings.

ALL AMERICAN GIRL - just started opening

ENTER LAUGHING - top heavy in buds but what a gorgeous bloom.

JOAN DERIFIELD - another top heavy in buds this year. I may decide to divide it this year.

GEECHEE SUNSET - continues to bloom

INCA PUZZLE - shorter scapes this year but she is putting on a show.

SOUTH SEAS - just getting started.

DELICATELY YOURS - slow in getting started, low budcount this year but tall scapes.

WHIP CITY BREEZIE - put a show on for me yesterday. Tall scapes and nice bud placement.

Okay, I'll stop here. So many yet to post but next time after a few more open here. Hope I can remember what I posted already. LOL


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Lots of eye candy here. Black Falcon Ritual, Pattern Evolution, Geechee Sunset, Inca Puzzle, and Whip City Breezie are my picks. Avedon

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Love Kipling, All American Girl, Joan Derifield and Inca Puzzle especially.
I posted all my flowers already, and repeated a few - don't have a lot ;) But.. they are all new every day :)

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shive(6b TN)

I'm wowed by the clump shot of Enter Laughing. Black Falcon Ritual is always a favorite - whether in my garden or someone elses. The Pattern Evolution duo is really eye catching too!


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I'll have to go through these several times. Wow! You have a lot of real beauties today, Julia. black Falcon Ritual is a beauty, and I really like the look of Pattern Evolution. Whip City Breezy is outstanding. Kipling is a beautiful bloom, too bad it is too short. Enter Laughing is a lovely clump. Your garden is really beautiful today, and this says Part two so I need to find Part one.

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sherrygirl zone5

I 'm new here and amazed with all the beautiful pics. My gardens have alot of plants that were marked "daylily" when i got them years ago. I think i know names of about a dozen of the many i have. I know i've been missing out. Ignorance is bliss sometimes, however, alot of enjoyment now!

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Some great composition here with two different cultivars (a reality in many of our gardens and often serendipitous in color combos). Inca Puzzle is captivating. Carnival in Mexico so slow to take off here. Blue Ridge Butterfly--interesting; wonder if it is vigorous.

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My favorite is Pattern the eye popping colors.


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Blue Ridge Butterfly is a beauty, and I love the photo of Pattern Evolution -- it looks like it was backlit just for the photo. I think I've mentioned that one before, so I must really like it.

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Maryl zone 7a

Love that Acalpulco Daze. What a pretty cluster shot. South Seas always stands out and
Whip City Breezie is also another attention getter.....Maryl

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Julia NY(6)

Thanks all or the kind comments.

Pattern Evolution is a beauty and increased nicely. I'm waiting on a few more I got from Woodhenge a year ago to bloom again. First time they did good. The only one I'm concerned with is Piedmont Paleface. Seems to have been slow in recovering this spring but we shall see what the blooms bring.

I'll get back on the Blueridge Butterfly. I got it last year with 2 fans and not recalling how many fans it increased to. It is a lovely bloom.

Lori Jones daylilies do very good here and have increased nicely. Tall, large blooms, well budded and seem so far to open very good.


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SOUTH SEAS -- what an oldie...but such beautiful color! I have it near some really nice newer daylilies, you know, the kind with all the bells and whistles, and teeth and patterns and whatever is the next new thing. But I'm drawn to SOUTH SEAS every day. The flowers just glow.

Julia, I have a couple of Lori's daylilies in bloom right now, and I agree with you on how good they are. Tall scapes (they're new enough that the scapes will be taller in future years), and big, bold, bright flowers that you can see from across the garden. Hardy and strong, too -- by mistake, I planted them in a bed that I discovered evidently becomes a river during winter & spring. The extreme amount and force of the water pushed mulch and soil a good 7 - 8" onto a patio and drowned some daylilies (or smothered them under ice in the winter), but Lori's daylilies responded by becoming happy, healthy clumps very quickly.

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njmomma(z6 NJ)

So many gorgeous ones here! I'm putting Black Falcon Ritual, Enter Laughing, Carnival in Mexico, and South Seas on my wish list. Joan Derifield is doing great for me this year too. Such a winner! Thanks for the eye candy!

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