German Johnson

lokajoDecember 15, 2008

A few years back I read about a line of German Johnson tomatoes that had been selected for smooth fruit for a period of years. I am a commercial gardener and usually grow 300 or so German Johnsons for a niche market. They are rough but very tasty. I have lost the information on that seed line and wonder if some one is familiar with it


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Well, looking in the 2007 Seed Savers Exchange winter year book I read:

1) This variety originated Old Salem, NC
2) Those who grow it rate it highly for production & flavor
3) It is believed to be one of the four parent varieties used in developing Mortgage Lifter.

I recognize four of the seven parties listing it as being quite knowledgeable about tomatoes. So I'd reckon that their evaluations are accurate.

Tahlequah, OK

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German Johnson is a relatively bland but productive large beefsteak type tomato with some lumpiness to the lobes. Keyword in that description is 'bland'. It is a big seller in the Carolinas, but for the life of me, I don't understand why. There are both regular leaf and potato leaf versions available.

Give an opportunity, I would grow Druzba before German Johnson. It is a far better tomato taste-wise and production is excellent.


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