basil wilting

supereaudeMarch 28, 2008

I have a basil plant that is wilting. I cant tell if i need to stop watering or water some more. I am a beginner and am just learning. I water it that too much? What kind of watering regiment should i stick too? I once read that basil likes to dry out and then be soaked...any truth to this?

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Depends on the pot size, amount of sunlight, heat, and many many other factors. Daily watering if its in a 2"x2" pot with a heat mat under it, will dry its soil fairly quickly. However, if the plant is in a pot larger than 2 incheswith no external heating applied, yes, over watering is probably the cause. Leaves start to turn yellow at the lower end of the plant. If the whole plant is now wilting, it may be due to 'damping off'. This disease is in many poor soils, and is the worst way to kill otherwise healthy seedlings. Always start seeds in a seed starting mix, especially made for reducing the possibility of diseases. The fungus attacks the base of the stems and will kill the surface of the stems which strangles the plant. If your not experienced in growing any plants, suggest you get some easy to understand books on the subject. Hovering over, and trying to baby a single plant, can kill it with kindness and too much attention to too many details. Consider plants outdoors- do they get watered every single day by nature?

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