Propagating old fashioned roses

fanatic(SoIL5/6)December 10, 2004

I need help propagating old-fashioned roses. I have had some devastaing problems with evil persons violating my property and killing my pets. (even w/ a 6' privacy fence). So, I'm thinking that I would like to grow rose bushes along the outside of the privacy fence to make it even more difficult to trespass. I have an old-fashioned rose bush that I just love that came with my property. It is wicked enough that I have to don body armor just to prune it back to keep it in control (lest it takes over my backyard). When left unpruned for a couple years it easily towers over the 6'fence and spreads 6' in diameter with it's thorny canes. So, while burying a couple of my pets, I noticed the rosebush (that I had pruned back once again this past Fall) and started thinking how wicked it would be if I had it all along the outside perimeter of my fence and left it UNpruned. So, now I would like to propagate this rose bush (as well as perhaps acquire other wicked varieties) and plant them this coming season in hopes that they will soon grow big and mean, and be a deterent to trespassers. Can anybody help me propogate numerous cuttings that will rapidly grow big and mean (without jeopardizing the original plant)? And, if anybody happens to have any wicked varieties that they would like to share starts of; please let me know. Thank you.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)


Usually folks come to this forum to find a source for a particular heirloom plant, not for cultivation or propagation.

And perhaaps someone will give you detailed information on propagation.

But if it were me I think I'd go to the Rose Forum here at GW; there are several sub divisions of the main rose forum so look to see which one would be best for your question, b/c the content of each one is described at the main link to Rose Forum.

Just a friendly suggestion so you can interact with rose experts.


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Hi, fanatic -

Caroline's right - The Rose Propagation & Exchange forum has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that should provide you with the info you need to root either cuttings or suckers of your rosebush.

You don't give any details on your "old-fashioned" rosebush; I for one would love to know what the flowers look and smell like. If they are small, single, white blossoms and the plant only blooms once a year, it may be Rosa multiflora. You really don't want to propagate R. multiflora as it is an invasive weed that also is a known vector for Rose Rosette disease, a very serious disease that spreads quickly to cultivated roses.

However, if it isn't R. multiflora ... there are a bunch of us on the Antique Rose and Rose ID forums who are interested in "mystery" roses - we propagate and try to identify them.

Feel free to email me if you have any other questions about your rose - I collect antique roses and might be able to help you out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rose Propagation FAQ Page

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You may want to put holly bushes and blackberry bushes in as well. both apparenlty can be thorny. my mom attest to hollies being thorny. apparenlty she managed to miss the big bad thorny rose bush and missed her footing and fell into a holly when she was a teenager. Left a bit of a impression. so much she is thinking of putting one near the area where one of the young men like to sneak through her garden.

and you may want to put a sign out to protect yourself from ambulance chasers.

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