Loquat Tree Dying

bunnyhouseJune 19, 2009

I have a loquat tree started from seed about 9 years ago.

It was beautiful, about 15 ft tall and this year was loaded with fruits. About a month ago the leaves started turning yellow and falling off. Now they are brown and staying on the tree. At the base of the trunk some of the bark seems to be pulling away from the trunk and crumbling.

I have done research and find that about the only thing that bothers a loquat is fire blight and it is not that.

No bugs on it, no disease that I can see. I know it is a gonner but I would just like to know why. Help anyone?

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jkrup44(9B FL)

That's really a shame. I can't answer the question, but if you are interested I can send you a new loquat seedling.

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Was the Loquat injured or ringed by a weed whacker ?
This can be the kiss of death to any tree .

" Loquat trees in the home landscape are susceptible to trunk injury caused by lawn mowers and weed eaters. Maintain a grass-free area 2 to 5 or more feet away from the trunk of the tree. Never hit the tree trunk with lawn mowing equipment , and never use a weed eater near the tree trunk. Mechanical damage to the trunk of the tree will weaken the tree and if severe enough can dieback or kill the tree. "

Here is a link that might be useful: Loquat Growing in the Florida Home Landscape

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I have had the same thing happen to 2 orchid trees. Near the base, the bark splits from the tree and curls up. Consequentially, both trees died. Neither of these trees are surrounded by grass, just mulched beds.

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You could also check with the tropical fruit board. I think loquats are asian, but most tropical growers grow loquats as well.

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We had a large loquat tree for years at our other house. It gradually began to decline in health until it had to be cut down. This was a long time ago but I think I recall there being a large and long worm in the middle of the trunk when it was cut down. This could have been what destroyed the tree. Or maybe it got in there when the tree became weak? Anyone else out there have this experience?


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