can you root sage cuttings?

donna_stevens(z7 TN)March 26, 2007

I have a large clump of sage that I am going to cut back, can you root the cuttings?

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I'd sure try! It may need as much warmth as you can give it.

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

I grow it from seeds, and got some decent sized bushes in a single summer.

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CA Kate

I do this all the time. I strip the leaves off the bottom -- part that will be in soil, dip the bottom in Rooting agent, stick down into prepared soil. I put several of them in one pot a couple of inches apart. If the weather is hot I make a tent for them out of a shopping bag and leave that on for a week or two. If they all seem to be doing really well after a month or two, I break them apart and plant each stick -- which should have roots by now -- in a separate pot. I leave them to grow until planting time -- ours is in the Fall to Winter.

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Yep, easy-peasy. Save yourself some money and use honey instead of rooting hormones. I find it works better.

Sage can be grown by stem cuttings from firm new growth (chop the floppy tips off). A soil temp of around 20C will hurry things along. If your cutting is large, it also helps if you cut the leaves in half (ie place scissors parallel to the stem and snip that way). Also, make sure the bottom of the cutting is cut on an angle, not straight across. No leaves should touch the soil.

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