Roselle/Jamaica bloom issue

jardinerowaJanuary 13, 2014

Hello all!

Last year I started some Jamaica/Roselle from seed. They took forever to get started but got buds in the summer and then started to bloom like in Nov/Dec. The issue is that only one of the flowers seemed to open. The rest just dried/died out. You could the compace yellow/pink petals and instead of opening up, they would just darken and die off. I can't figure it out.
I'm gonna start more this year as I like them but I know they didn't bloom right.


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Two items.
1. Environment
2. Feeding

For me, when a plant is struggling to open blooms, it is environmental. Too hot, too much sun, lack of consistent watering. As each variety is different, like people, finding a happy balance can be difficult. Example is that all of my plants are indoors for the winter with a lower light, cool temps, and dry humidity. Some are blooming greatly, where others drop flowers before they open. I watch each of them and address their needs. Remember, all those leaves, and especially the blooms need fluids.

Next is feeding. Each variety and their situation needs to be monitored for nutrients. I have some that really enjoy a nutrient rich soil and I fertilize regularly. Others do not, and I watch for build ups of certain elements.

The goal is to find a happy balance for the plants.

hope this helps.


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